We live in a world where bad stuff is glorified as being good

Hi everybody.

This week we try to analyse why bad stuff is magnified and normalized. We see a lot of good around us and bad stuff also.

We have seen wars and conflict around the world. Some have lived during colonization and apartheid era.

We continue in the 21st century witnessing forms of discrimination and racial inequality across many sectors.

Corruption around the world is rewarded while ordinary people suffer.

Celebrities who are into substance use and rehab are portrayed in a  positive way.

We gloss over negative things, enjoy bad reports about other people’s affairs and so on.

But whatever it is, it doesn’t make it right.

Quick to forget

We see during commemorations our heroes and veterans telling their story about previous wars so that we don’t forget what happened during that period. These were the young people who went to the front to fight for our freedoms and many paid the ultimate price.

Today, some of our leaders are back tracking and preaching hate,  highlighting our differences instead of showing how related and connected we all are.

The recent Black lives matter marches around the world has brought to the surface injustices left behind by legacy and empire.

Discrimination and deep divisions in institutions such as the police, army, drama schools, and modelling companies just to mention a few have been highlighted as being biased in recent events.

Those who can bring change seem to be saying the right things but action speaks louder than words.

We’ve been here before.

  • What are the policy makers doing?
  • What are governments and leaders doing?

Action and implementation of previous inquiries and recommendations is required.

Way forward is action and implementation.

A new inquiry is reasonable if it is followed up by action. After some soul searching we need to be reconciled to each other.

Healing  is needed.

Some are made to feel like outsiders, living outside the house while others enjoy home comforts. Cracks and divisions were always there but nobody wanted to know.

Just like the wind rush generation such problems are easily disposed of after they have served their purpose. Out of mind and out of sight.

Why not start by saying sorry.

Silence and inaction is a destroyer.

Your children are rebelling because they feel impure, lost and shunned.

We are concentrating on statues, but they are a poor representation of society. Where are the women, disabled, black and ethnic minorities?


Black lives matters marches represented everybody all colours.

Institutions of education, business, sport, health and care, army, police, security services and so on should reflect equal representation of minorities.

Boardroom diversity should be a reflection of our society, minorities, disabled persons, women and so on. Not just for the sake of it but that they are the right person for the job,

  • Lets eradicate racism.
  • Eradicate systematic racism
  • Eradicate institutional racism.
  • Deal with inequalities.
  • Healing and reconciliation is needed.


We can start by being mindful about our language.

We can all contribute to change.

  • Change perception about certain groups like minorities.
  • language/ speech.
  • ignorance therefore education and talking not just sweeping stuff under the carpet.
  • Stop inciting hate attacks and such narrative.
  • Be mindful of your words.
  • racial banter.
  • negative narrative.

We can all contribute to change.

We can all contribute to changing perception about certain groups like minorities

It is good that we are having this conversation because it remind us about what human beings can do to other human beings.

Racism affects everyone not just Black people.

It divides us.

Lets zoom in onto the problem and figure it out then restore what we have, our collective identities.

And respect ourselves and others the way we are supposed to.

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