Passing through a valley in your life: keep hope alive

We all have experienced problems in the past and maybe we may get a few more in the future and that’s life. Life has its ups and downs.

Sometimes life is perfect but often there’s always a crisis lingering nearby. You or somebody we know may be passing through a challenge, job loss,  money worries, bereavement and so on.

God never said we won’t face challenges, but that he will help us through those challenges, (Psalms 34:18-19).‘We may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers us from them all’. 

Some of us may be passing through a dark place or literally sitting in the midst of it. Your situation may look dire, but hang on in there.

Don’t give up on hope.

Passing through the valley

Bereavement: You may be experiencing the loss of a loved one or close friend. Some have lost close family members and friends to Covid19, road accidents and in other circumstances.

I have a lot of family members that have crossed over to the other side. The pain is always there and becomes part of you. The longing and missing of departed ones will always be there.

A good idea is to continue living your life while incorporating fond memories of loved ones.

Our loved ones may not be here in the physical, but they live in our hearts and dreams We are reminded, when we see something maybe a thought and we remember.

Your valley may be marriage or relationship breakdown: you may be feeling raw pain but you gonna get over it. You are not a reject, but are beautiful and wonderfully made.

You are God’s workmanship, his master piece.

It is the words that are more painful than the breaking up, learn to condition your mindset and speaking good stuff to your self.

Lost your job; there’ s provision for you too. Big opportunities often come up when you’re at your wits end. When one is vulnerable, sore and broken.

This is not the time to be giving up.

Famous people like Oprah Winfrey, got fired early in her career and told she was unfit for television news. Her demotion brought her success as her programme took off.

JK Rowling creator of Harry Potter is said to have lost her job.

Walt Disney Company, creators of Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the seven dwarfs and theme parks, was fired for not being creative enough. The Walt Disney Company is today worth over $59 billion, (

In the Bible Joseph met his breakthrough while in prison after interpreting dreams, Genesis 41:39-42. Joseph got promoted and was in charge of Pharaoh’s palace.

Job 42:10-12 the Lord restored Job’s fortunes and gave him twice as much before.

Moses in the book of Exodus lead God’s people of Israel out of slavery.

Gideon became a great military leader.

You may know people closer to home, in your community that have been through worse scenarios and lived to tell the tale.

There are many other examples.

No matter what the news is or whatever the diagnosis, God loves you and things will get better.

Find a mentor

I am sure you’ve heard this mentioned that whatever you are going through someone else has experienced it before you.

We can encourage one another and speak to one another even when we are going through pain.

When you have walked through something it’s easier to talk to other people so that they know they too are not alone.

Friends can’t take away the pain but they can be a healing agent.

  • Tell your story.
  • Every stage we help one another.
  • Acknowledgement and  being honest about our feelings.

Remember there are people that have gone through before you,

You are not in a unique position.

We don’t have all the answers but with a friend you can have normal conversations.

We don’t know what lies ahead but we keep the faith and positivity.

Learning to be content

We want what we want but whatever we have should make us happy.

We all want different things but it’s surprising that sometimes when we get the stuff we think we want sometimes they don’t always make us happy.

  • Lets be happy when we are waiting for a break through.
  • Learn to live in the present and being content with what you have.
  • Be expectant.

It is not a husband, wife, kids, money, house that gives us happiness. We learn to be happy before all these things are added onto us.

The extra possessions and blessings are there to make life easier also giving us more options.

  • Love your life today regardless of what you’re going through.
  • love life while you’re waiting.

When we plant a seed,  we wait in anticipation for the green shoots. As much as we look forward to seeing the plant grow or consume the end product we anticipate with excitement.

We nourish, water and try to keep it alive.

Lets live in anticipation also appreciating what we have.

Let go

Live a clean life and ditch the garbage.

  • dont hold anything against anybody
  • forgive
  • Pray
  • Keep positive
  • Hope
  • you’ll overcome
  • Speak light and life into your situation.

There is no right or wrong way to heal..

Stay positive.

It is from that positive position that change happens.

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