The grass may also be greener on your side of the fence

It is normal to want and desire more from life. Sometimes we are our worst critics, always comparing ourselves to others.

We improve our circumstances through training and education, volunteering and working hard.

Sometimes its capital we need to start a project. Having done all this some may think moving away from an area or what you know may be an answer.

But before leaving everything behind and starting again elsewhere let us be careful that we are not giving up on a good thing, giving up the best of us and seeking an unknown reality.

All we may need to do is to know what we have, appreciate and bring it to fruition.

We may be seeking something that may be right in front of us.


Knowing that you have something valuable is a start.

In most cases we are not aware until it is too late. Nowadays we see and hear stories about scammers and innocent victims falling foul to crooks.

Scammers know what their victims have. Scammers target vulnerable people, calling them in their homes and offering non existent deals. Many victims are known to have parted with varying amounts of money. Some are sold non existent stuff or promised better deals or products to what they have.

Know your value and the value of what you have.

  • Value what you have.
  • Value where you are now at this moment.
  • Know the value of what you own.
  • Value in your circumstances.

Whatever it is you’re facing its not permanent. Things will improve and you will look back five years from now and think what was that all about.

  • The cycle will break.
  • You may be sitting on a gold mine and don’t know it.

There are people who are good at spoting potential. Big corporations and some Chinese businesses are investing in areas often perceived as poor, like some African countries, Latin America and other developing countries.

They see the potential.

They see the minerals, the resources and do very well indeed for themself.

Know the value of what you have and dont just give up without a fight.

Maybe it’s just a little help that one requires, equipment, cash injection or training.

Recognise the value of what you have in your hand.

If you don’t value what you have someone else may the potential:

  • Start caring and satisfied with your circumstances.
  • Commit.
  • Your heart should be in it.

In the Bible, Moses knew the power of his staff. He held up his rod and the Red sea was parted by God. Moses lifted his arms again and the sea closed, drowning the Egyptians (Exodus 14:21).

David used the slingshot to defeat Goliath (1 Samuel 17:40-58). But David knew what he had, the power of God.

You have land and you are a farmer be the best farmer. There’s value in that land.

  • Value that mine.
  • Value your voice.
  • family and lifestyle

When facing challenges that’s the moment to press on and not give up. Life has bleeps and we get butted, we mend the problem and carry on.

You may be having a Pharaoh behind you and facing the Red sea: no matter how dark things seem to be at the moment it will get better.

  • Don’t get stuck on bad news.
  • Feed on positive stuff.
  • Surround yourself with the right people.

Be Content

There is no point in worrying if you can’t change anything.

  • Stop looking over your shoulder all the time.
  • Be settled.
  • Stop complicating you life.
  • Appreciate what you have.
  • Love yourself.
  • Learn to like yourself.
  • Love your family.
  • Be comfortable in your skin.
  • Be thankful.

Sometimes it’s important to remember who we are and what we have than just having a sheer desire of what others have and what the media is showing us.

Don’t let other people tell you who you are or dictate your life.

We should not see our life as a burden but enjoy who we are.

Don’t live a frustrated life but enjoy the here and now.

We will get where we need to get with patience and God’s timing.

Learn to count your blessings and appreciate the gift of life.

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