We can all work together to improve and make things better

Hi everbody.

This week we are discussing working together to bring positive change. We need to flow together in the same direction to make things work. If it is the justice system we need to change, law and order, perhaps a better community, education and so on, we stand a better chance of getting positive results united.

A sense of purpose

Working together makes us stronger.

History tells us that during the 2nd world war countries such as Great Britain, US, France and Soviet Union, just to mention a few, fought side by side to defeat Hitler and Nazi Germany. After the war the European Economic Community which changed its name in 1993 to the European Union remained united.

Different structures of the United Nations blossomed because of shared values.

Some of our leaders today are preaching nationalism and promoting self interest. It’s okay as nation states to be proud about one’s sovereignty but there are times when we require others to fight off the enemy.

We stand a better chance in a herd.

With a sense of purpose we can explore:

  • What it is we want to achieve.
  • Thinking things through.
  • Being tentative.
  • Not ripping each other apart.

There are things we can change in our lifetime. We are currently witnessing a push for change by Black lives matter movement. Climate change campaigners and others are another example, bringing awareness about the environment through protests, campaigns, lobbying and so on. All these attempts are ways of trying to bring change on important issues.

Our present generation can look back and say we played a part in that. We made history, good history.

Petitions for example are a way of contributing to change and bringing accountability to something we believe in.

If it is law and order we are pushing for, let’s carry that across as one voice. If it is justice let’s campaign for that together.

Whatever divides us, barriers of colour, class, ethnicity, religion should be broken down. Let’s be one.

  • Breakdown the barriers.
  • Perceptions.
  • Attitudes.
  • Labels.
  • Ideology.
  • Profiling.
  • Be one.
  • We share the same roots of humanity.
  • Together we can grow.
  • Get to know each other.

Corona virus pandemic taught us to care for one another. It made us to remember and think about others. We had a renewed sense of awareness. We drew closer and associated with one another. We went out to see to our neighbours, if they were alright or needing help.

Life is like that. It brings a lot of diversion but the virus has shown us the important things, caring and acts of selflessness.


Diversity is okay. It doesn’t bite.

  • Show some love.
  • Love cuts through barriers and differences.
  • Love cuts through crisis.
  • Don’t be afraid of diversity.

Engaging and sitting down together is a start. Living with one another side by side is what humanity is all about.

Ignorance results in fear, fear of the unknown.

We can learn about others in order to gain more insight into our differences and culture. Doing so brings us together.

We need:

  • Unity.
  • Balance.
  • Being sensitive to others.
  • Love.

Choose to be a generation that changes everything.

A generation that breaks the cycle and divisions of hate.

Teach love.

Teach love to our generation so we can pass it on to the next generation and so on.

Teach the truth.

What unites us is the love of God and what divides us is the enemy.

If we were all made the same, same colour and same everything I think life will be boring. I wonder at people who fight difference and diversity. Those who think that they are more superior, I wonder why they think that.

Question yourself when you’re doing something bad, when you’re writing that nasty vile article about somebody and posting it on line, or when you are taking or making a certain move or action, ask yourself what is the driving force making me do what I’m doing? Is it a force of good or evil.

Hate is a disease.

And remember we all have choices.

Nobody is forced to do anything against their will unless they’ve been abducted and forcibly imprisoned.

Everybody struggles throughout life but coming together makes us achieve much, much more.

Togetherness is the way forward.

  • Looking after our planet.
  • Resources.
  • Humanity.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic we saw ugly scenes of people fighting over basic commodities in supermarkets. But when we started shopping sensibly and buying what we only required, there was enough for everyone. People volunteering and looking out for each other felt good. It felt good because it was the right thing to do.

Let us all nurture our humanity.

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