Forgiveness is a powerful tool that sets us free to enjoy life

Hi everybody.

This week we are exploring forgiveness.

Getting angry is normal and is okay. What happens afterwards matters. You can make a choice to continue living in anger or forgive and enjoy your life.

When we forgive it doesn’t mean that we have forgotten what happened, but it helps us shake off negative weight of disappointment, sadness, hate, anger, rejection, oppression and so on.

Apologising and forgiving doesn’t make you a lesser person. In fact its the stronger person who apologises even when you know that you’re not at fault.

Drawing a line

Choose to do the right thing. We all have choices and only you can make a start, the first move. Don’t hold on to the past, the pain and wrong you experienced. Leave it all behind and start a new beginning.

If you really want to move on you’ll get strength and the ability to change.

Its like a new beginning, a repentance that can free you than spending years holding on to hurt and unforgiveness.

You’re not denying what happened but drawing a line under it.

There are some of us who forgive or think they’ve forgiven, but the moment you fall out of line with that individual who wronged you, everything is brought up again.

Put some life in your relationships. Inject new beginnings and choose the right way. Let It go.

You start looking guilty because that’s what the other person wants to portray about you. So when you give in you’ll look the part and the more people say negative things about you and you let it go to your heart the more you cement their views.

As long as you know you’re not all those things people say about you, nothing else matters. People will see your joy and grace in the way you’ve dealt with things.

Don’t give negative sayers anymore of your time and energy.

Either should you waste your life being angry and you look back and see all the years spent in bitter limbo. A good change in your life is forgiveness.

You can’t change people but you can change yourself. Bad stuff happen, even worse, injury or loss of life in some cases:

Find grace. Grace is God’s power not your power: things will get better.

Some people are like a leech, they suck you dry and take you down with them. Move away and surround yourself with like minded people.

Its pointless to wear a smile and pretend everything is okay when inside you’re suffering, let it go.

Don’t let a hardened heart destroy your life.

  • Forgive and stop worrying.
  • Get peace, the peace of God.
  • Hand it over to God.

Jesus loves us.
Jesus forgives us. It doesn’t matter what you have done before, its all forgotten.

There are ways we can make things better. We can’t do everything, but we can:

  • forgive the person who wronged you.
  • your oppressor.
  • enslaver.

Unforgiveness separates us from the love of God. It also hinders our progress and growth because we are hanging on to anger and negative emotions.

Lets talk to one another, that’s the best medicine.

God is not a God of confusion. Follow your conscience and your heart. You can be a fountain of peace and new beginnings. Bin the past.

Be clean and let your heart be clean. Refuse to be infected by negative thoughts but instead let your life be a positive influence. Let your life be a blessing.

We are all guity

Nobody is perfect, we all have our faults. We are all guilty of sin. I like the Bible because there are so many examples we can all relate to. Friends, colleagues and family fall out and make up again. Simon Peter got so angry and cut off somebody’s ear, (John 18:10).

Moses in his anger also killed someone, (Exodus 2:11-15). Moses had witnessed and watched his people suffering under forced labour.

Unforgiveness produces the wrong things inside of us/you. You get hurt, feel angry then hardening of heart.

  • When we start judging each other then all we see are our weaknesses.
  • Let us teach ourselves to see the good in each other.

When love comes into play forgiveness follows.

Let God be your vindicator. With the passage of time things will get much clearer.

Pride always precede a fall: I’ve seen great man and women fall. Only God knows the right time. Although it is a natural reaction to do, try not to rejoice about other people’s misfortunes.

Your weeping may only last for a moment but joy comes in the morning. Keep praying and stop murmuring.

It is not your place to exact revenge. Each man will receive his just desserts.

Choose peace.

Forgive each other, your loved ones and those we don’t love.

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