Being thankful for my imperfections makes me a rounded person

We are all concerned about perfection. It may be attainable in some parts but there is no complete package of perfection because being human means we all have flaws.

We are not all smart enough to solve our own problems. We need each other and God’s help.

Its important to remember that everything we do has an impact on someone else.

Wonderful mess

Imperfection means something negative. It may be in the form of insecurities, past or present emotional distress, lack of confidence, self doubt, past mistakes that haunt us to this day causing us to behave in a certain way,, bad temperament, selfishness, laziness, jealousy, and so on. As well as an ability to:

  • Destroy each other
  • Being right all the time
  • hostile
  • judgemental
  • gossiping
  • stealing
  • self serving

It is dangerous to think that we know everything and that there is nothing else to learn. There is always room to learn much more if we remain humble.

Room for change

I’ve often read stories about older people daring to try new things way in their 80’s, 90’s and so on. I read about 100 year old Chrissie who’s birthday wish was to go up on a hot air balloon. Chrissie achieved her dream (

An elderly lady did a parachute jump and bungee jumping.

A grandmother was able to graduate with her grandson, and other older people continue to show us that education has no age limit, (

During covid19 we all had to polish up on technology skills and other forms of technology out there.. Using zoom for work and meetings is something some of us had to learn in order to keep in touch with friends and relatives.

There is always something we don’t know.

Some desire to live a godly life, pursuing peace with all people, keeping emotions, mind and perseverance in check but its not easy to do. It is only by grace that we achieve some not all of this and not by works.

An attitude to learn and purpose to live in a certain way is good.

We create room for improvement when we reflect on the past, asking how we could have done better perhaps in a recent conflict, with our temper or reaction to a situation.

We learn through past mistakes and we hope to be changed not only from the outside but from the inside through faith.

It starts with a desire to change. We work towards that. You make a decision to do the right thing, choosing to go the right way.

We judge our self from our last performance. Asking the right questions , ‘how did I perform, how was my self control?

  • ability to discern
  • ability to listen
  • know when to speak
  • when to intervene

Walk in life, peace and joy.

We have the righteousness of God in us which enables us to do good.

If anyone of you has no sin throw the first stone, John 8: 7

Each day is a new day, a new beginning.

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