Training your tongue to be thankful creates life and growth

Hi everybody.

We speak or say a lot of weird things without realizing the impact of what we are saying. We normalize things because everyone else is saying it or thinks the same way.

It is quiet easy to give flesh to bad thoughts without even realizing it.

Mask your mouth

We speak good and bad things without making an effort. We offer praise to children and adults when they do something good or as a way of encouragement. ‘Well done, good boy, good girl, wonderful, great, very nice, how lovely’ are some words that spring to mind.

Uttering and saying damaging stuff about something or somebody gives flesh and life to those things we speak about. We do this without realizing the damage or repercussions of our words.

A very close relative of mine started a relationship with some lady. Before long very dear people close to us started moving away one by one without explanation, as if on cue.

The lady in particular had a gift of spinning a good yarn, not just gossiping but had an ability of saying hurtful staff about an individual to the next person. She was very good at saying stuff and catching people’s attention while at it.

She knew what button to press.

Her actions and words were very effective in destroying whatever love and friendship existed between parties.

Imagine someone you grew up seeing right through your childhood and suddenly they want nothing to do with you. They are hurting badly that they don’t even know what to say when they meet you. Something inside is boiling so much so that they can’t even face you.

It took us a while to realize what was happening. Door to door we visited loved ones, individuals who had been affected, encouraging them to speak to us as well as to stop the gossiping lady the second she start to say stuff that felt wrong, sowing seeds of division.

If someone is saying stuff that angers or bring all sorts of emotions, STOP them right there. Also let them know that whatever it is they are relaying to you, you will inform the person they were talking about.

  • No secrets
  • Stop them right there
  • Expose it

They’ll be out in a huff and next time they may think twice, reflect before they bring negative yarns your way.

Cut them off

If someone is knowingly doing malice, causing harm, hurt and division cut them off.

Once you identify the problem and the individual is not willing to change just cut them off. Remove that branch, prune it off. Disable that individual and don’t allow them to hurt you anymore. Some people are good at bringing discourse and divison:

  • Cursing
  • Wrecking
  • Breaking up relationships
  • Grief
  • Pain
  • Resentment and anger
  • Back stabbing


Put everything out in the open.

Speak God’s love

Make prayer a starting point. We can not change the next person but prayer can. Use your tongue to redefine your life, to make it into what you want it to be rather than pulling yourself and others down.

Walk in love.

Love people.

And remember: words are mightier than a sword.

Make sure your tongue is not a viper.

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