Counting my blessings and a thankful heart strengthen me

My heart goes out to all of you who have suffered this past year 2020. It goes without saying that its been a challenging year for many.

Moving forward

It is hard when you get to certain age to start something new, but nothing is impossible in this life.

This is the perfect time to shake off the dust and start again. It may not be just about earning a living but starting again in a whole completely new area.

  • A new trade
  • Learning
  • Reach out for support
  • Living away from abusive relationship, eg refuge and other charities
  • Finding new love
  • Being happy again


We don’t wait to be discovered. The onus is upon us to find new connections in the area we need to develop or change.

If you are one of those people saying enough is enough to abuse in your life, there are many organizations that assist people in that regard. In the UK, Refuge for example supports women, children and men.

Different countries have organizations that assist families, men, women and children to make better choices. There are lots organizations at UN level and some at a local level, focusing on women, men and girls, offering advice and where to obtain help.

There are organizations that empower women such as National organizations for women, professional women’s organization, International alliance for women, women at work, women in music, disability and so on. The information is out there but the onus is on us to find what is relevant to our needs.

  • Start local.

If you are trying to move away from addiction, for example alcoholism, there are organizations such as the alcoholic anonymous, the AA where one can meet similar individuals for support.

Debt is another issue that draws us back. Citizens advice has helped a lot of people over the years. Don’t suffer in silence. There are others carrying out similar work like Christians against poverty and many more.

Health issues / depression the first point of call is your health centre.

As we know some countries are better organized than others therefore it is not that easy for everyone to obtain help.

Talking about it, whatever it is I find it very helpful. Discern and find someone you can trust to talk to, help may not be far off.

Somebody will listen.

Somebody will take you seriously.

Many people reach out for help many others refuse help.

  • Don’t suffer in silence,
  • Be open to receiving and offering help.

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