Understanding who we are makes us challenge life’s injustices

The world is not as perfect as we want it to be.

We continue to witness varying  injustices in different forms.

The India caste system is one example, as it makes some people superior over others.

So is racism.

When we challenge bad things that happen in our communities like oppression, racism, hatred, antisemitism and other isms we are promoting positive change of trying to make the world a better place.

Playing our part and challenging each other result in accountability.

Speak out

The history of race in America and white supremacy has been going on for along time. There has been generations of pain and anguish.

A policeman is only brought to justice after people have demonstrated.

The killing of an armed black man in the US, George Floyd by a police officer is dividing America. The image has been circulated all over the world. It’s because of the video evidence that the rest of the world is able to glimpse into a system of hatred by individuals and a system. In the absence of that recording we would have been non the wiser. It makes one think about many other people that have met their demise in such a manner, broad day execution.  We can all play a part in denouncing racism.

  • Giving others a voice.
  • Saying NO to HATE.
  • Love heals.
  • We are all one.
  • rallying around together.

This is an opportunity to rally around together and show our humanity.

If evil is left unchallenged it grows into a bigger monster, with horns, claws and all.

Any form of discrimination is plain wrong.

Racism is wrong.

Before God all men are equal

(Thomas Jefferson) et al.

We come from different races, ethnicities, colour and creed but we are all one and fit into one group, HUMANITY.

We live on the same planet, Earth.

People should not be made to apologise for their identity.

Or be made to feel inferior.

We all deserve to be here.

  • the sooner we learn to live in harmony the easier it is for us all.
  • non is lesser than the other.


Being in power doesn’t mean one should abuse that authority.

A world leader has many children.

You become a father to all not just a few chosen ones.

Don’t act live an evil step-parent.

  • Your children are many.
  • from different backgrounds.
  • They all call father (out of respect).
  • Apply discipline equally.


We are human beings first and most.

Stop criminalising some people because of their colour.

See the person first.

It all comes down to perceptions and labelling.

Bullies who target the weak so they can make themselves look good, big and significant.

When what we see first is a:

  • ‘Criminal, thief, drug dealer and so on’, instead of a person ‘.

I don’t support violence but peaceful demonstrations.  Peaceful demonstrations keep the message clear.

Of course years and generations of segregation, torment, anguish and being treated like a different species is causing emotions to explode.

The death of George Floyd has exposed deep divisions in America and  other societies.

This should be a historic moment and an opportunity to effect real change.

Lets also remember that ‘black and all life matter’.

  • My heart goes to the young teenage boy who filmed George Floyd last minutes. I wonder what sort of impact this would have on his life.

We are quick to judge, but just imagine growing up witnessing and experiencing racism on such levels, gosh! What opportunities do these brothers and sisters have? I wonder.

  • Let’s start the process of healing.
  • By showing compassion.
  •  love and kindness.
  • And respect for human life.

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