A fulfilling life: love and accept yourself for who you are

Hello everybody.

If there is anything that the last few months has taught us is to appreciate the gift of life. As things may just change suddenly for the worse.

This week we explore ‘loving yourself’.

We have seen a lot of hate in the wake of racial injustice, wars and conflict around the world but also a display of love and mending of bridges.

We don’t need to do everything but our small parts each.

Self worth starts with you.

Learn to love yourself first before anyone else does.

The main thing is feeling good in your skin, the natural you and how you identify yourself.

Embrace your real self and never apologise for who you are or be made to feel inadequate.

Showcase your positives

Loving oneself starts with you. Good comments from others do not define us.

Indeed it’s great to get a positive comment about the way you look, how much weight you have lost or how great a parent you are. But what happens when those comments stop coming, or worse when you get negative stuff said or written about you,

Hence it is important that you recognise your strengths and have a positive self image of yourself.  We are all different and what we’re good in varies from person to person. Some people are,

  • good speakers.
  • writer.
  • home keeper.
  • dresser.
  • very patient.
  • hard worker.
  • cleaner.
  • baker.
  • and so on.

Showcase your positives and use it to achieve good in your life and others’.

Your influencer

Our upbringing may turn out to influence the way we develop in life.  It may be a strong parents maybe a mother or father with certain principles we admire. Maybe a single parent we know that has juggled a career, kids and a home.

We didn’t just spring from nowhere.

We all have a background. Your character attributes may have been influenced by your parents.

My mother for example is a very strong woman. She achieved a lot when she was widowed very early in her marriage and the playing field was not level.

Its not all attributes that were given at birth, but we learn from each other sometimes setting the bar high. If you can’t make it to the top is okay, we can’t all be like our mothers.

Cut yourself some slack

Some of us work hard to try and make it or just get a reasonable comfortable life. But if you dont get everything don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy the small achievements and make time for yourself.

  • Don’t put yourself under pressure about things you can’t change.
  • don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • comparison is a killer.
  • don’t measure yourself by others standards.
  • make time for yourself in order to protect your own sanity.
  • don’t let other people’s opinions get to you.
  • remember we all make mistakes.
  • you should be able to learn and make mistakes.
  • learn to trust yourself.

Life is not set in stone. Mistakes are made and changes are made as we go along.

It’s okay to change you mind.

Take time to enjoy the simple things you have. You may have worked very hard and saved to afford your own house, enjoy it.

  • You start with looking after yourself, inner self and physical self.
  • Getting enough rest and listening to your body when you feel tired is a start.
  • Drinking enough water to avoid dehydration.

This is stuff we know but don’t do.

Taking a walk and keep moving is another example.

Start living and having:

  • time for family.
  • loved ones.
  • use the expensive cutlery/dinner plates.
  • time for you.
  • enjoy what you have.

You cant please everyone

Those who like you and get you will stay and those who are not meant to be with you will break away.

There are those who may not like the way you look or just don’t like you for who you are.

Do right by you and others.

Continue to be a blessing wherever you go. We know some people who turn up and things get done. They pull the weight with you instead of tagging along.

You are not on this planet by accident right now, you are meant to be here. Do right and good for yourself and others.

And continue to be that breath of fresh air

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