Thinking outside the box: You need to try new things

Hi everybody.

We are all beautiful and smart but some of us may find it difficult to adjust to changing environments.

It may be challenging to learn new things, or venture off in a different direction altogether, but it can be done.

It is time to change the narrative in your life. Make your own path.

Leave your comfort zone and try those things that seem impossible and out of reach.


We try stuff, again and again. If you fall you rise again.

Don’t let what people think about you hinder you from what you gonna be or where you want to go. They may not see the end result now but with time your fruits will do the talking.

Its funny when you’ve achieved something people suddenly get it and its amazing how you suddenly get lots of friends, people wanting to hang around you and with you.

At times you may not even see your success but others do. Some may even be a little jealous about your achievements.

I remember a relative of mine making a passing comment about me ,’

hey those days we never even stood a chance to talk to you, you had all these people just waiting to talk to you, and only afterwards did you notice us’.

That wasn’t the case at all, I noticed this particular relative all the time and I thought they didn’t mind waiting a little while I greeted the others, in any case we used to go home together afterwards. My relative inferiority convinced her she was being ignored.

If other people are doing well and better than you don’t be jealous. Those people are not a threat but instead their success should spur you on.

Leave your comfort zone and go for those things that seem impossible. Maybe you need to buy a house of your own and your finances are a reminder that you’ll never afford one. Go for what your heart desires and don’t settle for less. If you start discounting yourself you won’t get far.

We often hear people say that they were the first ones in their family to go to university or hold down a proper job. There is no need for you and your children to fall into the same old habits.

Move away from intergenerational habits and poverty and dare to believe.

The old will remind you that you’ll never be that, but you can.

You are the only one that can change the narrative in your life. It doesn’t have to be same old story.

Change is hard

Change is hard it doesn’t happen by itself.

You keep trying and its not easy but you’ll get there.

You get it wrong and you start again at the beginning.

Maybe you need to stop doing certain things and focusing on what is interesting.

Find something you have a passion for.

  • passion
  • be confident
  • one step at a time
  • believe
  • don’t panic

Panic makes us lose perspective.

You make a choice to follow your gut.

There are things we like to do and its an individual thing, only you know when you have that peace in your gut or mind whether to follow something through or not. If you’re like me and you have no peace about something it doesn’t matter how hard you try it won’t work.

We all have different paths, follow your path and dare to move away from the status quo and you may surprise yourself about your capacity and what you are able to do.

Work around things. Maybe you had a thriving business a few years ago, but because of certain circumstances, coronavirus pandemic, recession and so on, everything is gone.

The other day I was reading about this guy who used to own a chain of restaurants but his now operating a roadside motor cafe. It is all about thinking outside the box and making things work.

The health and fitness business is doing well online. Fitness instructors are competing with A list celebrities and doing very well online.

Most people are working from home and its paying off.

Ask for help, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Step out in faith and step out diligently.

The future is good.

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