Being thankful makes you find your happy place and purpose

Hi everybody.

This week we are exploring issues around happiness. This is a big topic, I will attempt to look at some of the issues that gives us fulfillment.

Some of us don’t need a lot to be happy, on the other hand there are others who are just miserable, regardless of who they are, family, kids, money, charity: they are just miserable.

But we are learning everyday that there may be medical reasons that make some of us feel low and down most times, such as anxiety, depression and other mental problems. There is help out there. The breakthrough comes when when we identify the problem and get necessary help and interventions.

We all have the capacity to be happy.

Feeling Good

When you feel good about yourself you are more likely to make the right choices.

You are more likely to make the right choices about what you eat and how you look.

When you feel good about your self you do things that reflect that, like trying new clothes, a smile on your face and just having a positive outlook about life in general.

Your manufacture did not make a mistake when he made you. You are perfect the way you are. There is often pressure in society to follow new trends, be it fashion, the way we speak and so on.

Being comfortable in your own skin is a start. Knowing who you are and doing what matters to you is equally important.

So is knowing what is good and bad, doing what is right without being selfish or treading or other people’s toes.

When temptations and pressures come our way, we may be swayed to follow what every one else is doing but we wont sway far off from our core values.

  • Don’t waste time holding on to anger. Angry at mum, daddy and everyone.
  • Time goes by quickly.
  • Tomorrow you’ll be a day older.
  • Enjoy today.

Good Health

I don’t know about you but I am usually happier when I’m experiencing good health. Some people are lucky, they never get ill. This may be because of genetics and other factors.

We make an effort to look after our health by eating right and exercising. I like sweet and sugary stuff but I try to remind my self that sugar goes onto my mouth and doesn’t reach my belly and that proper food like a balanced diet of protein and vegetables is more satisfying as it finds my stomach.

But there is no condemnation when one chooses to have treats.

Life will be miserable without them.

Keeping active, be it walking, jogging, are activities that quicken our heart rates and helps us to feel good. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been encouraging folks to get onto their bikes and to exercise more in order to avoid the worst effects of covid19.

We are being informed that the fattier you are, the more chances of getting the adverse effects of covid19. A healthier you will keep some nasty diseases away, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and many more associated with being overweight and obesity,

Embracing life

Embrace the good things that come your way, the opportunities and every good thing life brings.

We experience good and bad stuff in life but learn from your past and identify what it is that makes you happy.

We all want a robust and sustainable life. To live and contribute to culture and society. Participating in our communities and being part of something brings value to us and others, we feel valued and we feel good that we are a part of something.

Knowing that loved ones love and care gives some of us joy, as well as:

  • good connections
  • positive impact
  • being valued

Maybe it is the outdoors that makes you come alive, gardening, sports, music or playing music and so on, pursue stuff that brings you joy.


If you want to achieve something you have to start with an ambition and a vision. You have a mind map in your head, you know what you want and have an end picture.

Oftentimes when we talk about our dreams or we are excited about something, its not everyone that gets it. Look at Amazon, face book and other businesses currently doing well, when they started most people did not understand what they were all about. But those guys had dreams, a clear picture, vision about the journey and the end result.

Pursue your dream, don’t be discouraged.

Some people may have negative opinions about you and what you’re all about, but don’t let that affect you.

People want to condemn but are not there to pick up the pieces.

  • Let it go, forgive
  • They give you offence, don’t take it on

Live your life.

Follow your heart.

Being able to live your own truth and expressing yourself works towards a positive outlook about life.

  • Time is priceless. Don’t lose a second or minute of it being unhappy.

Whatever the situation, keep hope alive.

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