I thank God for having the ability to pull my own weight

Hi everybody.

As you may know from our published posts, thankful always is a supporter of doing good and helping others. Helping others benefits all of us, individually and the wider community.

But it is high time some of us start pulling our weight instead of developing a dependency syndrome. It is time to start asking difficult questions about your purpose in life and what you can do to improve your situation.


Apart from prayer, being passionate about something we want to pursue helps us to stay focused. Venturing out on your own its never easy especially if one is coming from a background of dependency and relying on others for almost everything,

Passion also helps when we get knocked back. It’s okay to have ideas and thinking that everything will work out okay but quiet often life is not that straight forward. This is why a number of people give up at the first hurdle, hence passion will encourage you to persevere.

Get the Skills

You are starting to look after your self again therefore start learning new skills to help you on your journey.

  • Find your feet
  • Independence
  • Train/ go back to school
  • getting a job
  • budgeting your money

    We like blaming others when things go wrong in our lives. Often, we hear people say that so and so didn’t help when I really needed assistance. Although it may be the case start looking at yourself and seeing at how things could have turned out better.

We like blaming other people except ourselves. But change starts and ends with us. Identifying where we went wrong helps us to cope better in the future. Blaming others will not get us anywhere, Remember:

  • nobody owes you anything
  • unless you are a minor, the state or your guardian are responsible for you.

    You see a grown up individual saying the parents left them suffering. Get a job, odd jobs and earn your keep. In some communities young people deliver newspapers earning extra pocket money.
  • cut grass for other people
  • do some gardening
  • window cleaning or repairs

    You’ll get paid. It may not be much but at least you’ll have money of your own.

    Maybe your 9-5 job is comfortable but does not pay well, find out what else is out there for you and go for it.

    There are starving children all over the world and in war torn countries like Yemeni and so on, needing food, medicine, water and shelter. Our elderly and those facing health challenges need help. But for some of us who are fortunate enough to have a safe base I think we can do better. When we focus on work and letting people know we are available and serious to work and change our lives opportunities will come to us.
  • Learn to stand on your own two feet
  • refuse to be a victim

    The victim mentality will kill progress in your life.

    Blaming others for your failures or bad luck will stop you from achieving your full potential. You end up with no joy or satisfaction but just envy. The people you blame will continue moving forward and progressing in life. Bitterness won’t get you anywhere.

    Be the one that stands up, that reaches out in a crisis. Do the reaching out. We all try to survive. Sometimes we fall through the cracks because that’s how life happens. We find ourselves in difficult sticky predicaments, digging ourselves out of the pit may prove difficult. We try to survive and do our best without resorting to crime, we could be judged and misunderstood, But be encouraged and stay focused.

    Those of us that are fortunate enough. let us treat our struggling fellow citizens with love and respect. Give people an opportunity to turn around their lives. Wherever we are in life, lets show love and respect.


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