Thankful to my carers

We don’ not know when and the time is coming when each one of us may require help and assistance in life. To those already experiencing this you know what I am talking about. Carers both paid and unpaid are doing a great job of making things easy for those needing a helping hand.

Margaret’s sentiments

A friend of mine Margaret, expressing her sentiments about God and care; “The most important thing that I am grateful for is understanding God’s love later in life. I just wish that my faith was stronger and not so easily disturbed.

In the mundane things of life I am grateful that I have a friend carer who truly cares for me and a true friend, and her faith will help me and uphold me in my faith,

I am grateful that through my fathers influence and prudence he left me with enough material things in store so that I can not be a burden to other people and not a financial burden to my friends and won’t want to be a drain to other people who have their own problems. I know my friends can truly help me but I have sufficiency. I have good friends and that matters to me.

I have sufficiency and that helps.

I have a sensible sense of humour which makes me to see the funny side of things in life and see what funny animals and human beings are.

If you can’t see that there is laughter and tragedy in life , the world will be a terrible place. Sense of laughter is important”.

There is always something to be thankful for all day everyday.

There’s always more to do

There is more we can offer to our patients, loved ones and friends. Hospital work is demanding but most nurses will tell you it is also satisfying. It could range from a small procedure to a life challenging one. Prolonging life or making someone comfortable at the end of life is all equally important. Different care settings, be it at home or health institutions are important. We, the public are thankful for carers wherever they are.

Babies are being born daily in different parts of the world and that is a miracle.

People living with disabilities and looking at the disability as a challenge have shown us that life is worth living. But others require more help than others and this is where carers are helping to improve lives.

We must not over look homeless people, rough sleepers and so on, carers are offering accommodation and support, making a difference .

There is more to do, more work, giving, volunteering and so on to make this world a better place for others. Carers, your work is never done. Thank you. We greatly appreciate you.

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