Christiaan prayer

Thankful Thursdays prayer of gratitude and supplication

Being grateful and meek makes me too look at life more positively. I’m sure there are others out there who try to see the positives in life’s challenges. Thankful living is a tall order but my experience of it has helped me cope better when navigating challenges. If you’re feeling happy today, may it continue. Let the gladness of your heart keep on growing and growing. Be thankful daily. I am thankful for life. The beauty of our world. Thankful for the air that I breathe, sunshine and seeing the world go by.

I’m thankful for being born in a more tolerant country. I am thankful to all those that make me appreciate life. Seeing all happy people make me feel great. Seeing everyone happy lift my spirit.

Prayer of gratitude

Blessed gratitude for the way you’ve cared for us in the past and we pray that you will continue to look after us in the coming days. Lord Jesus, we feel so unable to do anything to help the situation we find ourselves in in this country and the whole world and we can only bring it to you Lord and ask please to help us all to pray most earnestly that your will prevails and your will be done in this world as it is in the next. We thank you Lord for the blessings that you have given us hourly and minute by minute throughout our life. We pray that you continue to bless your children wherever there may be. Help us to turn to you. By turning to you we are able to realise that there is better to come than what is happening in this world. We thank you Lord whole heartedly for the care you have taken of our friends and families. We are thankful to those who continue helping the sick , providing care and we are hopeful with your help they may continue.

Lord we ask your blessings to all those who are grieving having lost their loved ones. Especially more so when they feel a great emptiness where loved ones where. Oh lord help them to know that help is available in this world. And that through faith we will meet again in the next world. Oh Lord help them know that in turning to you they may find a balm for their grief and hope for the future. Some have had not just loss of life, but loss of youth, love, child, baby and innocence. Lord help us all.

For all those people in the country and throughout the world who are struggling against harsh conditions and reality which is really beginning to bite for so many people please Lord let them know that if they turn to you all will be well in the end. There is no such thing as total despair because we can always turn to you and know that there is hope. Let us know that this is a transient life and that there is better to come.

Lord help those who are trying to take your word to the world and to all those known to you. May you protect them and give them wisdom in what they say. Help your people working in challenging environments on how to evade the punishment and persecution that is prevalent for those seeking to spread you word. Strengthen and give your people wisdom and success. Continue showing them your everlasting love. We are all your children.

We remember the people of Ukraine and others living in war torn regions. Please continue to help them and help the rest of the world facing unrest. Let them know and understand what is right and what must be done to help. You told us, promised and demonstrated to us that your love is infinite and your mercy is everlasting. We bring our problems to you asking you to help us. Help us understand and accept whatever conditions life imposes on us with cheerfulness and honesty knowing that you are with us whatever happens anytime anywhere in Jesus Christ name. We bring all these requests to you and our grateful thanks for all time even when we forget to bring it to you when we should, we know you understand.

We start our day by turning to you. We turn to you and pray most earnestly that your will be done in this earth as it is in heaven.

Even when it rains all day, we do not care because our sun is always shinning.

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