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A thankful Thursday prayer: requests and supplications

Our father God in heaven, we come to you this day anxious to say thank you for the blessings you shower upon us. We thank you for peaceful lives, peaceful homes, comfort in our homes and we have everything our bodies need in a world where that is not so for millions of people. We can only express our gratitude and thankfulness. Help us to appreciate it fully. Thank you Lord for all these blessings. We say thank you for all the mercies and blessings we have received up to this time. Thank you for the comforts of our homes and beds. Thank you that we are blessed, fed and taken care of in this world where so many people have need of so much. We thank you Lord that we are blessed.

Thankful: help us always

Help us to be of generous nature in mind and works and share with those who have not. Gracious heavenly father, we come to you and we thank the Lord Jesus Christ because he became a human being so we could easily gain access to you. We thank you for that. We pray that you will accept us for his sake with all our short comings, simpleness, and imperfection. We need your forgiveness when we come into your presence because you are beyond our comprehension in righteousness, holiness and truthfulness; so we come for Jesus sake.

We thank you that you sent us your love through Christ. He spent his life reaching out to people. We thank you for all he has done. May your truth be shared throughout the world. Bless those praying for nations and churches. We pray that you are glorified amongst us. We pray for all the distressing situations in the world. We pray and ask for peace. We pray for Ukraine and that goodness and peace will prevail. We know not how. We ask that those able to respond to this instability to help. Ease the minds of those worried and those struggling to live in normality.

We pray for all individuals in great need suffering ill health. Bless all the treatments they are receiving to bring ease. Help bring healing. Please help families caring for people. Give them comfort and help. Because of the knowledge and love they have for you please remember them. Give them strength spiritually even though they are weak physically. We pray and commit them to your care.

To friends all over the world needing you, you know the needs of each one. We commit them to your care and pray that you will support them. Where we fail to ask please make everything right. Thank you for good news we hear each day even what seems small. We thank you for all great things you are doing. We thank you for giving attention to the small small details we take for granted, like crossing the road safely. We trust you and ask that your will be done.

Thank you for your care in all the years gone and to come. Thank you for the care of loved ones. We thank you for healing and answering our prayers. Those recovering at home please help them. Thank you for caring for the bereaved and suffering amongst our acquaintances. Thank you . We know that if they ask you you will help and no one will be asked to carry more than they are able to. We ask that the leaders of this world may be given wisdom and clarity of mind. That they ask to do what is good in all in their charge and to leave cruelty, instead, turn away from it and try to be brothers to all men and care for all people. Help our struggling leaders to get strength and wisdom . Give them impulse and put in their minds wisdom. Thank you for all the times you honour us when we do not honour you, when we don’t deserve your forgiveness and when most often when we do not even see or realise we are sinning’.

Oh please Lord we ask your love through the strength of Jesus Christ who died that we may live. We ask that we may know when we are wrong. We ask your blessing always. Help us tread the right path again. We thank you for all your blessings and we worship and praise you for your love and patience and above all for the gift of salvation in Jesus’s name.

We commit today to you Lord to use it alright by your grace.

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