Thankful Thursdays prayer: forever grateful

We come to you with a thankful heart. Thank you Lord Jesus for answered prayers. You know the end from the beginning. and you know the way that each one of us takes day by day. Thank you Lord for a peaceful night we have had in secure and comfortable surroundings. So much of the world is in so much turmoil. People don’t know when their restful day or time will be. Thank you Lord for the blessings received. Thank you for the blessings to come. We know that you are kind, merciful and look after all our needs. We thank you Lord even for all the times we don’t remember. May our hearts be turned to you.


Lord we bring to you those who have special needs. Those with bodily weaknesses. We trust that those on treatments are comfortable. Bless our friends and keep them safe. Remember the suffering now. Remember them in their need. You know them better as individuals so much more than we do. We just commit them, each one to you. Our friends who are unwell and having treatments, please ease their suffering. Bless their treatments so they can lead a normal life. Bless those who are caring for loved ones that they may understand and continue to do what is needed. Bless carers with patience, kindness, empathy love, and understanding. Bless families Lord, who must be very worried at all times especially those with relatives that slip back so easily and don’t maintain the good health, that they may still continue to make progress. All our friends and those that are in our hearts and not always in our minds please shelter them. You know them and know their needs. We ask that you bless and help them know the comfort of your love and mercy.

Help us to waste not

Thank you Lord for the food we receive and help us not to be wasteful with our provisions. Help us to bear in mind that there are many in the world far too many who do not have the sufficiency to satisfy their everyday needs. Oh please help all in our country and those better off than others to give those who are in need. We ask that people bear in mind not to waste the goods of this world depleting the worlds resources wastefully. Give us wisdom. There is so much need in this world that spending money for just the sheer enjoyment show of a few people when so many need that expenditure for basic needs is often unsettling. Let our hearts be turned in the right direction so that we are more careful in what we do and not be wasteful. We are thankful for natural resources. Give us wisdom on how to enjoy and look after our environment responsibly. We pray for good weather and temperatures for our world. Continue to give us revelation on how to manage what we have. Remember the hungry, whole communities going without food and provisions for days, stunted adults as a result of malnutrition. Remember your children and bless them we ask. We pray for aid, enough sustaining aid to reach the needy on time.

Guide our leaders and others

Lord help our government and those in charge of the country and the world that it is your will that will be done. We ask for help and guidance during difficulties. Show us how to operate. Help those suffering persecution in your name. Comfort those in war torn countries. Comfort those that are fearful and losing loved ones. May you please turn the hearts of those that oppress others to realise the evil that they are committing. So many things we ask your help. You alone can help to stem the tide. Help all your children everywhere especially those that have not heard the good news of your salvation and help those that are so steeped in evil that they understand the enormity of what they are doing. Help to change them Lord if it is your will in Jesus name. The Lord knows what is in our hearts.

  • Help us to keep the right door open.

Bless the ministries and use them to use your word with power. We pray that your kingdom will come and your will be done in this day in our lives. We commit one another to your care this day thanking you for rest and sleep with the forgiveness of our sins.

  • May your sun shine brightly today.

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