thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: wonderful and beautiful world we live in

Hi everybody, and thank you for joining me once again on our weekly blog.

Being one with my environment

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in the front room. It is amazing what one can observe even in a busy holiday place. Apart from the sound of traffic, I’m caught by the sight of nice houses across the road and tall buildings beyond, which I presume to be apartments. Different people are getting on with their lives. Some are riding bicycles and others on foot.. Some are pottering in their garages. It is a busy street down there, lots of cars, pickups, vans, traders vehicles such as electricals, gardener, a cement mixer/ builder’s van and a moving van, small family cars and so on.

A young man has just passed by on a red mobility scooter. The kind of scooter used by elderly people or the disabled. I wonder if he really needs it or borrowed it from his grandmother. A man with a rucksack and a mauve t -shirt ,in shorts is s cycling past. A lady with a peach flower in her hair is also cycling past. Seems to be lots of leisurely cyclists. Three teenage girls are passing by chatting and full of life.

I’ve noticed a middle-aged gentleman with a funny walk. I wonder what caused that, an ailment or something along those lines. I wonder what all these people could tell me if I stop them one by one and hear their back stories.

I’m in beautiful surroundings, banana plants, I don’t know if they produce any bananas or are they the sort you get these days to make the garden look good. Across the road as I’ve previously noted there’s a nice row of houses, sharing the same road with ours. Consisting of houses, apartments, bungalows, semis etc. And behind the row of house there’s a river with house boats and houses across the river, the gardens have a backdrop of the river and jetty below. Beyond more tall buildings, mostly apartments overlooking the sea.

The scene I’m describing above is a busy holiday town in a developed country. I see beauty everywhere. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m admiring the buses going past almost every 5 minutes. I’m just thinking to myself there’s good transport networks here, easy to get to the big shopping centre and beyond. There’s money here, its easy to see. The developing going on, infrastructure, more building development, roadworks; surgeries and medical centres located at every corner, well stocked supermarkets, pharmacies, and so on. Business opportunities for like minded people, trying to get a slice of the economy. Looks like the economy is looking up after covid-19.

Yes, this is a rich part of the world. Tourists are returning. Of course, its not everyone with money that can afford this kind of lifestyle. Others may just be scrapping by. But these are economies fortunate enough to support their not so well to do population.

I’m like the city mouse in the kids story, the city mouse admiring the flashing signs and shop signs, on the other hand the country mouse gazing at the stars and moon. But there’s both here. Man made and natural.

I’m just taking a moment to appreciate what is at my disposal. The beauty, wealth and lifestyles of others. Nothing wrong with that. World travel is being lifted and some of us are visiting families scattered around the world. I’m mindful about climate change how to reduce travel and my carbon footprint. But it is equally important to see loved ones and vice versa even in these trying times. That’s what life is all about. For life is just a moment , and we move on to another world.

I’m in Gold Coast Australia! Sunshine state. 56km of white sandy beach.

It’s easy to forget about the latest war in Ukraine / Russia and other troubles around the world. One wonders why we can’t just get on . Killings, destroying infrastructure, lives and livelihoods, poisoning our natural resources with big fire! all for what purpose? POWER of course. RELEVANCE. DOMINANCE, POSITIONING and so on.

It’s sad that we are destroying each other. I thought coronavirus was a wake up call to unite and bring us closer. Wishful thinking on my part. We saw countries hoarding vaccines, and the pace of sharing very slow. Some populations haven’t received their first vaccines.

After my visit to sea world, it got me thinking after seeing dolphins, sharks, polar bears, penguins, seals and all the slippery living creatures of the sea seemingly co-existing well.

Guys, let’s take a moment to soak in what we have. Be it In the City, Country, Islands, landlocked states, Antarctica and wherever we are, and cherish it.

Thankful Thursday is for the wonderful and beautiful world we live in. The sun continues to rise in the morning.

Cherish each other.

Take time to enjoy and protect the resources around you.

Hopefully, loving each other will follow afterwards. We have a beautiful planet with oxygen and water. Enough for us all to share. Nature is God given, for us and generations to come.

There’s man-made beauty that I was admiring above.

To our world leaders, PEACE- PLEASE!

I always visualize God watching us at this moment, what we’re doing to each other, throwing heavy artillery, killing , maiming women , children, young men and natural resources; he’ll be very disappointed indeed.

I’m still thankful for the wonderful world we live in. One still finds beauty in the midst of chaos.

If you want to feel useful, do some gardening, walking perhaps or better cleaning and cooking. I’ll continue sitting here, admiring the world around me.

I’m thankful, for the ability to see beauty in ashes. Thankful Thursday for the wonderful and beautiful world we live in.

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