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Thank you mom: you’re not just ordinary but a great woman

Our article seeks to thank my mom and all amazing mothers out there. The joy, chaos and challenges of motherhood does nor end. Even as children grow up and become adults, mothers are the to reassure. Providing much needed positivity.

Great teacher

My mom is not an ordinary but a great woman. Mom, you’re such a buzz, full of energy and I’ve learnt a lot from you..

  • Thank you for all the teachings you invested in me.
  • For being my confidence booster. Always told me I’m okay the way I am.
  • Reminding me I’m special,
  • I’m a temple.
  • Telling me to value myself.
  • And that I’m precious
  • Thank you for saving me.
  • Toiled for me.
  • Taught me to live right.
  • To be good.
  • To stand with others. Telling me that if someone is drowning all it takes is to extend your hand and help them not ignore them.
  • Thank you for teaching me to love: You said as long as you have love in your home you’re okay. If I love myself it’s easy to love others.
  • You tried to live right. Thank you for teaching me that when we do bad things there are consequences, like prison and even death. Yes, I regretted a lot of stuff that came about because of my doing but you taught me to dust myself off and move on. You did a lot of good things that touched people’s lives.
  • Didn’t deny me the things I felt about myself. You were not dismissive but listened and offered advice.
  • Accepted me therefore prevented me from doing bad things. In the process teaching me to love others the way they are. Telling me that we are all different. We don’t have to forcefully change other people to be the way we are but our lives will be witness to that. I learnt to accept other people’s views, choices and way of life. Acceptance, as I discovered, prevents people from doing bad things. Letting the next person know you care, and loving them the way they are in itself is a life giver. Acceptance removes discrimination, it is kind, understands and is human.
  • Awareness: to be aware of my actions and how they affect people around me. What sort of response do I give others.
  • Tolerance.
  • Taught me that we may not agree but together we can change lives.
  • Told me there is room for error when we try to live right, and that’s okay.
  • To learn by talking to people and making lives better.
  • And that if I do something wrong it’s brave to admit it and apologise.
  • And its great to admit you did something wrong, even when wronged.
  • Not to take justice into my hands.
  • I learnt that people will say things about me but if I want to succeed I should put up with it especially if I’ve nothing to hide. This may happen at any stage in life. Maybe pursuing a political career, an opportunity, whatever it may be, stay and don’t lose focus.
  • Worked hard for me to get ahead in life.
  • Thank you to all mothers who gave up children for adoption, for them to get a better life. Good mothers for whatever reason you followed adoption path. It was probably the right thing to do at the time.
  • I was made aware that people will provoke you to bring the worst in you but don’t rise to the challenge.
  • Too much of anything is not good.
  • Even if everything can be awful it won’t last forever. I know, easier said than done. But nothing lasts forever, even the longest dark tunnel. You see the light in the distance. Keep walking.
  • Through pain life is still beautiful. Its true we experience life’s tragedies, heartache, bereavement, sickness, money worries and so on, whatever the circumstances, life is a gift and its worth it.
  • When things are bad I wished I could just vanish but I learnt that there is more to life.
  • Reminded me I’m still waiting to be discovered.
  • Patience.
  • Thank you for giving me purpose.
  • Direction.
  • We all make mistakes its human nature
  • I’ve just decided I’ll carry on living. Our don’t have to end even as we meet life’s challenges.
  • Not to build a wall or facade but to be like a child, innocent.
  • Many things are hidden, but my future is still shaping up.
  • Look inside not the box outside, what’s behind the box and not to judge others by the way they look. There is more to a person, a story to tell. Showing compassion.
  • it’s high time you start investing in yourself.

Thank you mom for teaching me to believe in myself. I’m still getting into my own.

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