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Thank you so much for sharing the love

Hi everybody.

I’m thankful for all the good in the world. There is good in all of us. We just need to dig deeper and make the world a better place..

I’m not here to sell love because it already exists. We’re talking about what is available in all of us and everywhere. I’m tired of hearing about bad things, hence the reason for our article this week is to inspire. Thank you so much for sharing the love.

Just want to say thank you and good on you.

Love shared

Unconditional love is not keeping love despite what happens but to keep loving whatever happens.

Love stumbles, hurt from time to time, sometimes without realizing it we hurt those we love. Love keeps loving that person despite whatever happens. Love holds on to one another. You’re not throwing your life away by loving someone and sharing what you have, especially if you know who you are. Sometimes we waste time chasing after materialistic things instead of holding on to what we have.

According to Keith Magee(CNN: 2022) ‘love is unlimited. The more you share it, the more there is to go around.’

There is more to this life.

We speak and walk in love through our actions. Many of us have supported and given to many causes like homelessness, street kids, floods, wars, refugees, age care and so on. Giving to cover a need and making a difference is an act of love.

We all have normal jobs and then there are larger jobs. Larger job is living in many places. Not just looking out for yourself. You become the bigger person. Indeed the first love is to honour one’s parents. Love them.

Love justice and peace.

At times we feel let down especially when you’ve been counting on someone or something. In my case, I’ve always put myself second. At times getting deeper and deeper into debt. Hoping and praying that one day I’ll succeed. Having done it wrong all my life now I know that before committing to anything I need to ask God through prayer. I don’t just assume God knows. Of course I believe in a God of miracles. Asking everything through prayer is my first point. God is my source not just a resource. So I start with the love of God first, then the love of men.

When putting ourselves out there there’ll always be mockers and haters. Ignore and forget about them and focus on the perfect love of God and doing your bit in life.

Removing the hate and division makes the world a better place. Instead of unity based on gender, skin colour, class and so on, see more, a human being, someone like you.

Loving better homes and communities starts by looking out for each other.

Love is a priceless gift.

Love is is beautiful.

Love is magnificent.

It’s like sunshine, it always shines in the morning.

You’re not throwing your life away when you love.

Thank you so much for sharing the love.

Truth and kindness

According to Magee, ‘race it’s an idea that’s being used today to normalize and weaponize hate’. Magee further notes ‘that we can’t deny race because it makes victims of us both’.

But we share one thing, humanity. Through it there’s more good around. Yes there’s no denying that the world is full of negativity but there’s many good stories out there. According to Magee, ‘turn on your TV and you’ll see women, LGBTQ people and those who are Black and brown marching peacefully to protect their rights, because they know they deserve justice’.

We don’t lose anything when we love others, on the contrary, it makes us richer as barriers and divisions are removed.

Seeking truth, kindness and love is a choice. Just as it is choosing hate. There are consequences for either choice. Good results when we love and do good and devastation when we pursue hate. Hate crimes, paddling lies and extreme ideology is meant to bring fear, uncertainty, hate and so on.

We don’t change anything when we sow seeds of hatred. Kindness act is helping others so they can help themselves. There are many acts of kinds we do without even thinking about them. That’s why they’re beautiful all the time.

We also seek justice by seeking fair treatment for us and others. For instance demanding equal human rights for all are campaign acts of good, carried out by different organisations with the hope of getting a positive result. Thank you so much to those involved in humanitarian work, individuals and organisations. You’re making the world a better place.

Feeling sorry for yourself

Some of us think that our problems are too much, we’re looking inwardly, therefore not having time for anybody or anything. We all have sorry stories to tell and that’s why I try not to spend a lot of time on self pity because I achieve nothing.

Or comparing. Some people are born rich but some like us work all their lives.

I always say to myself and to my close circle that if you don’t know anything then learn. Living the life of good is a tall order. It is only God who can change us. It’s not easy as we’re trying to navigate and pursue different things and paths. Our lifestyles and morals vary from person to person.

Maybe your marriage didn’t work, she may have moved on and got a new life. You have to respect that if you’re the ex. It doesn’t make it easy. It’s just like being told not to drink too much and yet the person saying it is drinking a lot more than you are. I said I was not going to dwell on the negative, but there are lots of bad sources out there. More often closer than we think, friends perhaps. Literature and social media appeals to our fears and pain. The point I’m trying to put across is that whatever our predicament there’s goodness in all of us. When you’re going through pain, difficult situations and so on, you need people who will stick around. Unfortunately, it looks like more people cannot handle pain. When one is down financially, or spiritually, moral support from a close partner makes all the difference.

I’m always asking myself when I get out of my comfort zone, why am I doing this or why is all the stuff happening to me? But we can’t choose our family but you can make one for yourself through love that binds us.

Try not to camp for too long in a state of feeling sorry because it won’t help at all. It causes confusion, sadness and the more it continues sheer misery. No thanks to self pity. Instead, reflect on:

Compassion, cheerfulness, courageous and mercy are good attributes to have and share.

Nothing in life is as it seems. If all fails, don’t beat yourself up.

I’m appealing to the better nature of humanity. There’s more good in all us.

God can change us, all we need to do is to ask him.

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