Things do not turn out as expected

Gratitude helps even when things don’t turn out accordingly

Hi everybody.

If things don’t turn out the way we want its not time to turn back but to deal with it.

As we all know life is full of joy and at times sadness.

It may be bereavement. We see death in families and communities. But you get strength to carry on.

Money worries.

Holding two jobs in order to pay bills and put food on the table is what some of us do to keep things running.

It is strenuous.

Instead of complaining, when I compare my situation to others who are scrapping by, no work, menial or otherwise, I find myself quickly repenting.

No social security, job seekers allowance.

The other day I was complaining to a friend about work, stating how fed up I was with what I was doing. ‘But you’ve got a salary’, she said. ‘Yes, you’re right’, I noted correcting myself quickly.

It’s human nature to want more. Wishing we had stuff that others have and we don’t. Desiring bigger better things is a brilliant idea, we all want that.

But if we can’t even share the small things we have then our lives are nothing.

If people ask for our help, and we are in a position to offer that help, let’s do that. It is rewarding to offer help, and to see an individual do well in that regard.

Even a farmer plants a seed in the ground to get a harvest. So do we when we share knowledge and skills with others. We don’t take that it away with us when we die. It perishes with us.

There is a big boom in the food industry today. We are being told what to eat, fruit and vegetables, five a day, organic and so on. I offered wild fruit to a friend of mine. ‘Bird food’, he noted. I don’t eat bird food he said. Yet, healthy eaters on the other hand are buying bags of seeds and husks to put into cereal and other food products. Even when it tastes like cardboard or chalk they consume it.

We don’t usually appreciate what we have until its not there anymore. I touched on bereavement and death. We have a tendency of praising someone when they are no more. Oh how good so and so was, talented, touched people’s lives, served in the community and so on. Unfortunately, that individual will is no longer there to hear all this. We wish they were.

Imagine how lovely this would be if we had a chance to tell them when they were alive, that we appreciate them, love them and so on.

The above life stories are a portrayal of what we sometimes experience in life. If there is anything to learn:

Keep fighting

Hold on to hope

Stay in your lane

Believe in yourself

Be a friend

Help others

Believe in your dream and ideas. You may face a few bumps along the way. People may not get you or what you’re all about. But hang in there because the idea will speak for you in the end.

Be thankful always.

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