good people can make wrong choices too

Good people sometimes make wrong choices: be compassionate

Hi everybody.

We do not know why some of us end up down on our luck, addicted to alcohol and harmful substance while others seem to do just fine. Anybody can take a wrong turn in life. We all can contribute to the well being of society by showing more compassion and understanding.

Right balance

Some of us struggle to maintain a good weight. We are either too fat or got an eating disorder of some sort.

Society today has a way of fat shaming people even when they don’t know them. Instant judgement. If one is large, is because of too much greasy food, liking food, lack of exercise and so on. Although this may be spot in some cases, we hardly entertain the notion that maybe the poor diet is caused by lack of choices that are a result of poverty and other factors.

Support and commitment may lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Stresses of life may have caused some to comfort eat, consuming the wrong food and exercising less. Health challenges also play a part in weight gain, not forgetting lockdowns, looking after sick family, a sick child and so on.

Instead of turning of judging somebody that’s fat or look different from us, show some understanding.

Quite often people usually know the way they look.

  • We all need encouragement and support.
  • Being secure in whom we are.
  • We can all help to get us there.

Taking a wrong turn

Some of our actions may be devastating to life and others.

Bad life choices like addiction is a good example.

All it takes is making a wrong turn.

You find yourself neck deep in it and think how did I get here. When we look back if we are really honest it’s easy to pin point exactly where we went wrong.

Acknowledge your mistakes. Dust yourself up and try again.

We are all different.

Some of us have low self esteem. The fact that you are a go getter, confident and determined is great. But there are lots of other people in our communities who are broken, crushed, miserable and less confident than we are.

If we want to nurture wellness a good starting point is being:

  • compassionate
  • understanding
  • open mindedness
  • encouragement

Taking time to listen

There is no need to be mean and petty.

Someone is excited or worse worried about something: listen.

Act of listening is a skill.

I don’t know about you but I often find myself cutting into someone when they are trying to explain something to me. I am aware of my weakness now, although it is an effort to try and not interrupt, listening is a skill.

Being aware of my weakness, I’m always training myself to let the other person speak without interrupting them. It’s not easy but a great effort on my part.

Taking time to listen shows we are interested, we care and do not take an individual or their issues for granted.

Don’t be quick to judge.

Listening to others helps us to understand an issue. Who knows what life has in store. We may find ourselves in that situation and avoid falling into the same predicament because we listened.

Letter from a friend shared

Your father wrote your days in his book. He has already read the final chapters, although we have not had that privilege. Your life is not a a random thing. He is looking forward to the chapters of the story he has already written. He designed your spiritual heritage. Your generational blessings go back a thousand generations. There is a spiritual treasure chest with your name on it. Those are being released to you incrementally over the course of your life at the appointed, appropriate time. All this is God’s master plan. God has foreseen your pain. He promises that because of his love, his power, and his blessings upon you, he causes pain and negative things to be transformed into good things before the end of the story of your life. We don’t know everything about who you are going to be or what you are going to do, but you are loved. You are a blessing to your family and you are a life giver in the world. You are special and we celebrate God’s miraculous design of who you are. (Betty Oakes, 2007).

At the end of the day, we all make mistakes.

To err is human.

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