Thankful for the little things: they zoom in on the wonderful

Its easy to forget all the wonderful things when facing challenges. But it is the small simply things that brings everything into perspective and makes us remember the wonderful. Life may be fun if we allow it.

It is worth living.

We get caught up with life, trying to do good and be the best we can and end up losing focus on what really matters. Although it brought painful experiences, covid19 showed us in a way what matters most in life.


There are simply things like breathing fresh air and enjoying waking up to a fresh new day. Those of us still catching up on environment issues, it suddenly dawned that our natural resources are worth looking after. Areas where we enjoy fresh air like green spaces in cities and urban areas, and play areas for children all contribute to our wellbeing.

As we were forced through lockdowns to remain indoors, we longed for simply pleasures like taking a walk, going to the shops and so on.

The impact of covid19 pandemic forced us to adapt to cleaner ways of living. There has been less traffic in the air, on roads and rail. People have been walking more, cycling, jogging and running.

Lockdowns resulted in less emissions because of lack of production and movement of people. We learnt that the economy is nothing without good public health.

The impact of the pandemic has brought positivity in some ways in greener environment. With Donald Trump out of the picture policy makers can forge forward with one voice and hopefully implement some of the green policies.

Strong economies like China are supporting green cars. UK Boris Johnson is talking about ending the sell of petroleum cars by 2030.

We can adapt and try to reduce climate change through:

  • technology
  • green jobs
  • consumption
  • energy transition
  • smart agriculture

People we love

People we love are important to us. They complete us and bring wonderful thoughts. Love of close ones is essential in good and bad times. They give us what we need even when we think we don’t need them, their advice or presence. Knowing they are there and that the door is wide open whenever we want to talk or visit is a comfort. That’s love.

In sickness, health and death we want to be with our loved ones. They may be family or good friends. These are things that money can’t buy.

Good health

Enjoying good health is nothing to be taken for granted. When we get paralyzed by illness and disease, it affects us, our families, health sector and the labor market. Bad health is a lose for everyone, including the health service.

Life is wonderful and worth living.

Holding on to the simple things that gives us joy will help us to stay on track.

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