I’m thankful for hope: for light shines through darkness

Hi everybody.

I can not even comprehend or begin to understand what sort of challenges you’re facing. I am not here to belittle your problems or suffering but to encourage. Don’t give up.

When we are vulnerable, our breakthrough and miracles are magnified for all to see.

I’m looking forward to a world without covid19, to peace, a tolerant society, good leadership and wellness.

Small steps, positive news however small we hold on to it.

The light shines brighter in the dark. Whatever it is you’re facing, let the light guide you.

Back to your roots

When feeling overwhelmed, go back to the beginning. Come back to the place that validates you. This could be your home, your childhood, or parents place. A place where you were taught good manners, a community perhaps.

Rediscover yourself. Before your success, business, stardom: come back home and find your heart.

Everything will come together.

If you got your breakthrough in church, go back to church and prayer. Read the word of God and get the necessary help from the people who originally helped you, were patient with you and made you grow and become who you are today.

I remember my mother being on a ventilator and induced coma, the only thing we held onto was God’s word and prayer. If there is any glimmer of hope, how ever tiny that light or spark is, hold on to it.

Darkness will never overcome the light.

Some of us have lost jobs, livelihoods, going through ill health, depression cancer and so on, hang on in there. Don’t get used to the darkness, look into your heart and outward, you gonna come out the other side.

According to Rev T. D. Jakes, ‘God values you the most when you’re empty’.

When we are in darkness it means we are running on empty. Everything is gone.

God is able to bless you and fill the emptiness in you. Remember the story of Elisha and the widow’s oil, (2 Kings 4:3). Apart from her two sons, the widow had nothing except a little oil. She was asked by the prophet Elisha to borrow many empty jars and vessels because God was going to meet her need. The widow managed to fill all the vessels with oil, sold some of it to pay off the debt and lived off the rest.

When we are vulnerable this is when miracles are magnified.

The light is brighter.

Hope is strengthened in darkness.

God’s strength is made perfect in weakness, (2 Corinthians 12:9).

If you are pressed into a corner and have nowhere else to move, trust in God.


  • God loves you.
  • There is victory for you.
  • Stop being mean to yourself.
  • If something is off it’s not a failure but what it means is that you need to take care of it.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Take that time off.
  • Rest.
  • You are the only one who knows and recognize your issues, make yourself a priority.
  • It’s okay to put yourself first.

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