Mind setting: space where real battles are fought and won

Hi everybody.

Our topic of discussion today is head space. The head is a place where battles are fought, lost and won. It matters therefore the thoughts we entertain and the space they take in our head.

Most battles are won in the head. Questions are asked, decisions made, doubts come up, hesitation, double mindedness, together with positive thoughts, all in the head.

It is okay to be your worst critic but it is equally important to see good in yourself. See your potential, strengths and the positives. Some like shrugging off stuff saying they are pessimists or realists. But whatever the case, it is important to look after our mental well being. There’s nothing wrong in optimism either. But if your mind and the way you see things is limiting your progress and choices its probably time to change tack.

Don’t open that door

The head is a busy space. It is a space where we juggle a lot stuff, ifs’ can’t, and many negative scenarios. Concentrate on what you are able to do instead of your limitations. Try not to open your mind to:

  • Barriers
  • Limitations
  • Challenges
  • Fear of being rejected
  • Harmful stuff
  • Sad thoughts
  • Grudges

Make good choices.

Look at who is influencing you. Don’t buy that magazine, open that website or mail if it is going to get you down. Learn from both your good and bad experiences. Be familiar with the trigger points and deal with them, by facing them and getting help.

If I’m afraid of the future or things that I cannot change, I just commit everything to a higher power, God.

I cannot predict or foresee the future, nobody can. But when I commit everything to my maker I feel lighter in my head, happier.

God is for you and for us so who can be against us? God is everything we want him to be, our healer, provider and a light in darkness. His grace is sufficient for us.

We don’t know how to pray but the spirit helps us, (Romans 8: 26).

We also walk by faith and not by sight! So start dreaming big.

Whatever the news or prognosis, God is the beginning and the end.

If he can look after the birds of the air and feed them all so is he able to look after you, (Mathew 6:26).

It is difficult to get hold and control one’s emotions, but with support, help and God on your side it is possible. He will not permit you to slip or fall, (Psalms52: 22).

Don’t worry about tomorrow because there is grace for tomorrow.

Make an effort

There are daily tasks that you ought to do by yourself, like getting up in the morning, getting into the shower, putting your clothes on and shoes.

Start doing things. Take those small steps. Stop confining yourself to your room. Work in the garden, clean your room, go to the shops, mix and mingle. When you feel that you’re getting dark moments, go out and do stuff. God is not gonna do that for you. He gives life and you do the living.

Your life is precious.

People outside yourself cannot see what is happening inside you, in your mind, that’s the problem. Outside you may look normal, nothing the matter but inside one may be suffering with all sorts of thoughts. This is why when something bad happens like suicide people say we were not aware so and so was suffering, he or she looked happy and normal.

Invest in yourself

To get positive results in life start investing in yourself.

  • emotionally
  • materially
  • pschological

Find rest.

Rest is important. Rest is important after trauma, grieving and so on. Yes, grief takes time and we can’t put a time limit to grief. But it all adds up in the end when we worry, stress and are anxious.

Life and death are a reality but the living should attempt to have a meaningful life.

It is important therefore to rest and breathe. Resting restores your emotions and physical well being.

Look after your body and mind. Good food and rest makes us well and the opposite makes us unwell. Fatigue, restlessness because of poor sleep patterns, worrying all pile in the end. We are human and all have a breaking point. Reverse the trend and start doing good by you.

You are able to go out and be someone, impart positively and have a meaningful life when you invest in yourself.

Stop judging yourself harshly.

We fall and get up.

We get bumps in the road at times huge bumps, but we get up. If there’s a struggle in your life, turn it into a cause and bring some awareness about that struggle.

Fight for your life.

Its time to live your life to the fullest. Be thankful for the time you have in your life.

There are better days ahead.

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