Be very mindful of your words: they can create or destroy

The purpose of writing this article is to explore the power of words in our lives. The article will attempt to analyse what we are saying in our lives and speaking to our circumstances. Its aim is to encourage words that are inspirational and constructive.

Plant positive words

What you say about yourself is what matters not what anyone else is saying. Some have not pursued dreams because they were told by someone they couldn’t: that they didn’t have the potential, look, face, voice, body and so on . But the most important person to speak into your life is yourself.

The most important person to believe in yourself is yourself.

Even as you believe people may not always agree but they dont matter.

A loved one doesn’t believe in you? That doesn’t matter, believe in you and speak into yourself, encourage yourself.  Learn to be your biggest fan before other people can.

Say I am the best.

Albert Einstein almost gave up on his dream of becoming a physicist. Einstein had learning difficulties, could not read and write and was fired before he became what he is well known for today,  a physicist. Einstein’s lack of concentration caused him to be dismissed by would be employers. According to he was considered an average physicist. After working as a lab assistant, clerk and not getting the job he desired, he did not give up on his ideas. His hard work and resilience paid off. Einstein submitted work that would come to define him: four papers within a year.

Imagine if Einstein had believed the first, second, third person to turn him down where would the world be today without his knowledge.

Elvis Presley faced extreme challenges but overcame.

Without stubborn resilience they would have just succumbed to the power of words. Most of us find ourselves in this category where we are easily discouraged because we were told we were not good enough by someone who failed to see the potential in us.

You are and become what you say.

What you are today you said yesterday and what you are tomorrow you say today.

Speak what you want to become, confess and believe it.

An actress dreamt about being an actress.

Who is influencing you

People will talk and people have opinions. The world will try to define you. Social media can define you but the most important person to speak to yourself is you and God.

Social media may try to set the standard about what an attractive lady should look like. At first a size 6 was said to be attractive, but now its a Kim Kardashian curvaceous look and tomorrow is something else. Are you going to be changing with social media and playing catch up? Remember some social media sites need to make money and to market to someone like you.

  • You are already beautiful and talented enough.
  • Everyday in the morning take a look in the mirror and say I am beautiful.
  • Speak into your day and don’t let the day catch you by surprise.
  • I am going to have a beautiful day.
  • Today I am going to do this and that and get good results.
  • Speak and declare what you want your day to be.

We have seen how the mobile phones are changing, there is iPhone this and following year an improved version from the last. If you put yourself into social media it is always changing and its tough to keep up.

Some people have been called fat, ugly, dark and so on. How did that make you feel when you were called something derogative? ‘You ‘ll never  amount to anything’, so they said’. How did you feel? How did that make you feel? Now imagine speaking the same words to the next person. They will hurt as much as they hurt you. There is a song that say sticks and stones can’t hurt me: but remember words can.

Words can cause depression, suicide, anxiety and other things. Remember how it made you feel when someone said bad things even behind a computer. Would you want that said about you? that you are worthless thin, fat and ugly.

Just ignore it

Be able to cope in social media, don’t run away and hide. Beauty standards are not constant and stable but always changing. People are risking their lives to look a certain way. Boys dropped their pants and it was said to be cool but now its considered ghetto. There are short hair styles, blonde, pink and whatever colour. Just do what works and feels comfortable on you.

Let us be uplifting: about our family, leaders, nation, friends, work situations, home, neighbours, communities and so on. Uplifting and encouraging words, a smile and a nod  goes a long way. People remember what was said to them. Some even take up new ventures in life when they remember a past saying by someone that told them they had a head for numbers or a figure for modelling or something positive.

Positive quotes from the Bible

God has spoken life to us and told us how wonderfully made we are Psalms 139.

The bible tells us about possibilities, things that you and I can do.

  • I can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthens me, Philippians, 4:13
  • I am a conqueror,  Romans 8:31-39
  • I am the righteousness of God.
  • Say to the poor man I have

The word of God is always encouraging. The bible is always affirming, confirming. It does not look at the weakness, but it speaks and confirm the word. Speak it and see yourself as that.

What God says about you in life is what is important.

Words create. Words work against you or for you whether you know it or not.

Declaring and visualising things that are not seen and not there can be very challenging. You want a decent living wage or financial security but you’re not yet there but at least you have a job. Instead of saying I hate this job either work on improving or changing your career. At least for now, that job is helping to look after you and keeping your family.

Think about yourself beautifully

According to Joyce Meyer, US preacher and teacher ‘we can not determine what happens to us but we can determine how we respond’.  

Pursue your dream, only you knows your vision, potential and persuasion.

Go out and pursue whatever it is you want to pursue. Even when facing challenging times, put on your make up, freshen your hair and wear a smile. Let not your situation be written all over your face.

It is amazing when you share your experiences with others, how inspiring when they find out what you went through and lived through and came out the other side. Be a verbal joy and peace carrier and impart goodness onto others.


Love your self. You have to love yourself before loving anybody else.

I am beautiful.

I am enough.

Speak peace.

I have the power to bear fruit in all seasons.

Finally, dont let fear and trends detect the direction of your life. When you branch out on your own, or follow your heart you may lose a few friends. That’s ok. Shake off negative words, you will accomplish goals, overcome and achieve your full potential.


The Bible

Joyce Meyer

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