Nobody said it was going to be easy: get back onto that horse

The article seeks to encourage each one of us not to give up. When everything else seems to be going against you don’t give up. We will look at examples of people who followed their dreams regardless of challenges and adversities and succeeded.  It will also look at some of the wise quotes from the Bible,  the late Nelson Mandela, and others.


Do you remember when you were young being told by the teacher to stop day dreaming?  I was often advised to be serious and concentrate on my school work in order to improve on my grades. I am sure each one of us has had dreams about stuff, what we aspire to be. That something burning a hole in your heart, your consciousness, a dream making you restless or you keep getting a reminder in your consciousness that you should really do this: then go for it because you have nothing to lose. On the other hand you may have already started on that journey and give up after facing challenges: press on. Often times we dont let that idea develop into something tangible but dismiss it for later.

According to Nelson Mandela ‘a winner is a dreamer  who never gives up’. No matter what your circumstances are believe in your project and what you have set yourself to do. Keep on keeping on.

We often give up because of challenges we meet along the way. Mandela notes: ‘the greatest glory in living is not falling, but in rising every time we fall’.  When one has an idea, the period of formulating a plan  is an exciting time. The dream is clear and one can see where they are going, the contacts, numbers, market and how much money they will make out of the business if it is a business. A clear mind map of where to obtain the funding , logistics and so on is often clear at this stage.

Who’s around you

Walking that journey may not be easy but press on. Sometimes discouragement comes from very close people like ‘I tried that and it doesn’t work’. Keep like minded people around you who share your vision and are affirmitive.

Research: Do your research with deligence. Study and be a boss in the area you want to pursue. Follow one thing and be very good at it. Be the best runner, tennis players, doctor and so on.

Influencers: What are you reading to broaden your idea?  If you are researching who are you researching? What are you looking at on you tube?

 Who are you following? Social media has helped to remove borders and there are good examples to follow even for those of us who claim ‘we never had a graduate in my family or a family member that has been to university’.

Go and become that scientist, architect, musician, ballet dancer, chef, acting whatever it is you envision to be. Follow your heart and be the best in that field. Dont look back after 20 years and regret, thinking about what might have been. Even in those difficult times you can make a difference to yourself and the world around you.

Stop complaining and magnifying all the bad stuff that may go wrong or be going wrong, If things are slow do not despise the day of small beginnings; the foundations may be stronger than you can imagine.

A seed takes time to germinate and when you dont see the seed it doesn’t mean it is not growing.


Successful people talk about discipline. People who are champions sleep and drink that. Success goes hand in hand with hard work and discipline. Singers and other sport people stay away from certain food, sugar, alcohol and so on. They go beyond the pain. Sacrifice and focus on your dream.

Write it Down

Ideas and dreams are best written down. When you write it down, you are able to look at it, go back on it on regular basis to review and see where you are. Mid-year you can see where you are, if you were planning to buy a house, read one book a month, pay off your credit card and so on.

Take a leap of faith

Be a child and dream again. Children are not limited. Leaping is scary, people want safe. Dare to believe and make a difference. But you have to jump. Business is risky but you have to take a risk because when you take that jump, you are differentiating yourself. Do not be that dancer who never followed that dream. According to Myles Monroe, US preacher, ‘the grave yard is the richest place on earth ‘ as it if full of cures that never made it, apps, houses never built, designs never seen and so on.

If you are told this is impossible just say it is possible. Speak positive things  you want to achieve in your project.  I am successful, I have customers, I have a good team around me, clients and so on. Tomorrow is a product of what you are saying today and today is a product of what yo said yesterday.

Go out and get those things you require, do the leg work.  if you had a bad day yesterday tell yourself today is going to be a better day. If you are a person of faith then trust in God that the hindrance you are facing wont last. We get what we believe in. We dont walk by sight but by faith. Jesus Christ dream for us was to get salvation but he had to endure the cross for us. The vision, the goal was beyond the cross.

If others around you do not like what you are doing is their problem not yours. Keep doing what you know, connect, seek and meet new people. If for whatever reason you dont make it at least you will learn something a point Mandela cements;  ‘I never lose. I either win or learn’.

They took a leap: Tyler Perry, American writer, actor, producer and comedian has a lot to teach us about nourishing a seed and breaking barriers. His productions were a flop in the 90s but he kept on working and pressing on. J.K Rawlings is another example, back in the 1990s she knocked on several doors, approached several publishing houses about her Harry Potter books,  but was turned down and informed it was difficult to market and sell a children’s book ( Oprah Winfery is another sought after individual and known world over for succeeding against all odds: after being told her voice was not good enough she is making voice overs for blockbuster movies, she is a host, actress and author.

There are many other individuals at local level one might know that have had similar experiences that we may look up to for encouragement.

There is nothing stopping you except yourself and fear itself. You dont need cheer leaders at this stage, you can cheer yourself up because only you knows what you have and believe in. Endorsements will come in time.


  • Have a vision
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Self-esteem
  • Value yourself
  • Feel great in yourself
  • Be confident
  • If you are a believer trust in God and the power of God in you
  • Action – do something
  • Dont get tired; Isiah 49 verse 31 an eagle soars. I shall run and not be weary

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

It is difficult to follow something through without a desire. An unfinished business is best to be dealt with.

Strategize, for example beggars stand on doorways

You need to know your potential, your strength. Know what you have in your hand . Dont despise what you got but practice it, work it. If you have a stick in your hand like Moses, or a sling and rock like David, work with what you have until you break the world’s roof ceiling. Remember, you are your number one cheerleader. The rest  ‘others’ will catch up with you later.


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