Christmas: time for a great personality, humility and service

Christmas is celebrated by many the world over. It is a time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The period of Christmas in the modern world is often associated with bumper sales and big profits with businesses selling various goods and services. Some associate this period with big feasts, lots of food, new clothes, gifts and gadgets. The purpose of our article during this period is to remind and encourage each one of us to practice the spirit of Christmas; that of giving.

Jesus gave.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year as it gives us an opportunity on how we can think about giving back.

Donate life 

There are many people in poor health on the waiting list for an organ. We spend our lives protecting what we have. Let’s change and give that gift of life. It is such a great generosity to make a difference in other people’s lives and change their future prospects for the better.

According to  ‘there are enough organs available to meet the need ‘. 

If only we can give.

Let’s change someone’s life not just at Christmas but for years to come by taking active steps of being a:

Blood donor: Be a blood donor.

Organ donor: Put yourself down as an organ donor. There are a lot of people in poor health in hospitals, at home just waiting for a life changing moment. Imagine what a wonderful gift this would be to child, a brother, a family, somebody somewhere.

There is information on the internet on how we can be organ donors. If one has no access to the internet information can be obtained from clinics, hospitals and mobile health workers. There are many organ donor agencies online such as organ donation of Europe, organ donation African / American community, Africa and others just to mention a few:  providing information on registration as an organ donor.  The UK has its national health service link,

According to the national health service UK website a new opt-out system for organ donation will be in place by 2020 in England, if  parliament approves the ‘Max’s law’. 

Those wanting to opt out can do so.

In some communities organ donations is taboo, frowned upon and dicouraged. Cultural and religious beliefs may not allow some to be organ donors. As a human being follow your conscience and do the right thing.

Donate Time

Time is a special gift: There are a lot of people in our communities that are lonely. Some have no partners, family or children.  It may be a neighbour, an elderly person living on their own or just somebody that finds it difficult to make friends. Read them a book, a paper, talk.

Greatest gift to give at Christmas is love

Walk in love. We walk in love by doing good one to another. We walk in love by caring and being sensitive to others. Each one of has a capacity to love and do good, As human beings we are also able to discern and recognise where help is needed, There is always somebody worse off than us. We can offer love if we dont have material stuff  to offer. Service: Helping with cleaning, washing up, making a cup of tea, looking after someone’s  pet while they are away and making others smile or laugh are good examples. Such gifts of love are free.

Attitudes: a positive and welcoming attitude and the way we behave around others matter. Leave some joy, put a smile on someone’s face. You dont have to be like anyone else, just be you and do your bit.

Visit a prisoner: Prisoners are already being punished for whatever crimes they committed. Prisoners may feel disillusioned, feeling of hopelessness and discouraged. Let us not be judgemental. People change and we are also able to change lives by showing others love.

Think of the environment

Look after nature: Planting a tree is what I will embark on this year. Imagine if each one of us could plant a tree every year how many trees we would have planted to date.

On my recent visit to Melbourne, Australia, I liked the way they service new developments. On each new development they plant a tree outside each property to enhance the environment and its also pleasing to the eye. They incorporate landscaping within every development. Thumbs up.

Car share: A lot of travelling this time of the year, think through your routes. There are lots of opportunities for car share if you are making along distance journey. It is a great way of meeting new people. There are organisations who provide this service.

Packaging: It is a good thing to give and buy presents but lets think about the waste and how we can protect our environment. We can recycle and use last years left over wrappers, crackers or even make our own gifts. Also checking with people if they want those gifts before we buy them can prevent waste. That money can instead be put to good use or donated to charity.

Give Shelter: There are high numbers of people sleeping rough in developed and developing countries. Sponsoring just one individual a year with a dry place to sleep is a good start. There are many organisations and charities where one can obtain advice such as Habitat for Humanity, Shelter, YWCA, Mercy Housing and lots of others. If we are willing to do something, make the world a better place, the information is out there.

We like to commemorate  events like World Homeless Day on 10/10, World Aids day on the 1st f December, World Water day and others. This is good and there is nothing wrong of being reminded about events happening around us, but lets continue making and taking small positive changes.

Food hampers: Giving a bag of food to food banks.

Donate clothes

Those of us that are able donating money let us. Schools, teachers and parents do encourage and teach our young ones about the spirit of giving. If we teach about the joy of giving to the young people then they may grow up to be generous fulfilled adults.

Each one of us has a role to play in assisting others, and we have the capacity to do much more than we can envisage if only we can believe.

Merry Christmas everybody and God bless you all.

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