A man can hide many things but true character will resurface

2020 has been a challenging year for many people. We are experiencing the pain of Covid19, job losses, wars and hate crimes. We are also witnessing the collapse of global leadership.

Recent events

We have seen images of hate across the globe. Use of the army and police in Hong Kong, United States, Belarus, African countries like Zimbabwe and others, Latin America, and lately, Thailand. Thailand demonstrators want a reform of the Monarchy. Armies and police are pushing back on peaceful demos. We are used to seeing such images in states where rule of law is non-existent. It is worrying when so called developed countries take similar stance. Looks like we are all the same underneath.


We are all responsible for each other. We are all connected, when it comes to public health, elections and in our communities. Our actions decides what happens next. Statements, utterances and actions matter. The tongue is a small member of the body and yet it is powerful. Because of it nations fall, churches divide, priests and kings fall and relationships break.

God bless the Queen, God bless America, God bless you are saying we declare one to another. Can love and hate share the same space? Not for long. Concurrently, we encourage hate, pit one against another and call ourselves nation/ community builders. Sweet and bitter waters from the same source, how is it so? But it is indeed.

It is more disheartening when world leaders are at the forefront of this. Being the best trolls. When one is occupying a certain seat, one ought to remember that the world’s eyes are upon them, listening and watching every move they make.

Leadership transcends borders. You are a father of many. Guard your tongue, think before you speak. Some of us are impressionable and may not have the capacity to analyze what you say. It may not be everyone that can see through you.

Sabotage/ Fear: Being different is used as a weapon of hate. Especially one’s skin pigmentation amplified to project fear. Being dark, big and probably different is seen by some as a threat. Assumptions are made, ‘you’re tall, dark, black and intimidating’.

One is not born a dictator, but its easy to turn into one.

Nowadays anybody can be a troll, some out of boredom and having nothing else to do, leaders simply because they can and have a following.

Practicing mindfulness may help us us to be aware of our action.

Grow a soul

Take a leaf from Ellen DeGeneres, it is a big man who apologizes. When you raise your hands up and say sorry everyone I got it wrong, people will respect you for that.

Nobody is perfect, even saints have faults and traits. Thriving for fairness, justice, kindness, goodness and such, makes us to be better individuals. Imparting positively onto others is enviable and to be aimed for.


Where do we get our inspiration from? I get mine from God. We must not be passive or live lives of passivity. We all have a role to play in life, be it in elections or communities. The young, old, women, brothers and sisters your voice and mark in this life is valuable, Don’t be deceived being told you are a lesser person.

Don’t let your loved ones fall victim to evil, speak out, shout until the wall falls. You can make a difference in your life, politics and community. Don’t let bad values become your values, bad things influence you.

Denounce hatred, fear and seek the truth.

It doesn’t matter how one portrays them self, true character always shine through.

Truth speaks.

Love always win

History has taught us that love always win. There are individuals out there with truth in their hearts, who know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.

Hitler was defeated. The Belin wall came crushing down, apartheid South Africa is no more although it still exists in some people’s hearts.

Regardless of negative stuff going on around us, there is always something good in each of us. According to mother Teresa:

  • ‘not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love’.

You may be somebody that follows religion, but following God means walking in love.

Let us show grace to one another.

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