I’m thankful for the music: it transcends all barriers

We sing when we are happy and we sing when we are sad. We express our emotions through music. Music is all around us, sound of a crying or cooing child, rustling wind, on the buses and everywhere. We all have a story to tell. Music reminds us of that story.

Different types

Music comes in different genres and from all over the world. Arabic music, Afrobeat, country and western, reggae, R and B , classical, rock, jazz and so on. Who knows, there may be new inventions in the music scene in the near or distant future.


Music unites; People get along fine when talking music. Be it a festival, concert and various platform. Tourists dance along to music when they go out to clubs seeking entertainment without knowing the language or understanding what is being sung about.

Music Heals the broken hearted. Going through a heart break, there’s music for that, it gets one back to recovery path.

Soothing/ calming it is calming to the mind and soul. There are different therapies that advise on playing background music to calm nerves and bring anxiety down. It is calming to the senses even when one is seeking isolation or sanctuary. Music can keep us company for a while.

Liberating; regardless of one’s age, we come alive when we listen to music.

Liberation songs the boys and girls who were involved in various liberation struggles in Africa, America and other places will tell you that they kept their spirits up through songs.

Wedding songs: just a good party song will get the party started.

Funerals: reflect the passing mood through music.

Praise and worship: We feel God’s presence through music. In the midst of praise and worship, you feel you can do anything, with God on your side move any mountain. Anything and everything is possible. Problems are solved. But after the praise and worship you get back to your reality. We don’t just sit and fold our hands, wait for manna to fall from heaven. We continue being led by the spirit of God to fulfill our realities, go to school, work, enterprise, creating good relationships, caring, living, loving and getting stuff done.

All these feelings and emotions are expressed through music. Music gives us comfort for a little while, even healing and encouragement. Music may give us some company but on its own it is not enough, being in the company of others is more rewarding.

Walk the talk

We search for love in all the wrong places.

We are attracted to what appears glamourous and yet its not real. Music is like that. All it does is reminding us to walk in love. It reminds us to do. We like to talk, but in the end gets nothing done.

Let us translate the love we get from music to our realities. Love.

If you feel like buying someone a house, do it instead of just singing about it. The same life we sing about lets practice it in reality. For instance:

  • Doing away with any grudges and resentment.
  • Lead, live and love.
  • Instead of hate practice love.
  • Treat others well as you would like to be treated.

If your life is looking bleak, dust yourself up and learn to take baby steps again, eventually you’ll get stronger and things will get better. Heartbreak will be replaced with a fulfilling relationship, where you are valued as an individual.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Music is like a prayer, you are expressing what you want, desire and feelings in song. Take action too for things to happen.

Lets all do the good thing even if it’s hard. LOVE.

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