Be thankful for the here and now: that’s what matters

Its easy to be caught up in the past.

Living in the past can destroy the moment of here and now and may stop us progressing and achieving our full potential. We often look back at what might have been. Some of the past is often over rated, maybe nostalgia playing a part.

On the other hand, memory is a funny thing. It comes flooding back as we remember loved ones, basic things like sound, scent and ambience. Memory is our making but best used to enrich the present and future.

What’s keeping you back there

Anger at someone or people may keeping you from progress. A traumatic event can have a hold on someone’s life. Let it go. Its not worth it. He’s not worth it. She’s not worth it.

You thought you were going to marry a certain person and they were not into you like you were into them. You asked God and it didn’t happen. Some things, we are not meant to know why they did not work out. Let God be God and he will lead you.

Revenge: Its quiet easy to get wound up by an event and you wake up several years later wondering where time has gone. Don’t let time pass you by simply because you’re plotting a revenge.

Fear: Your own fear cloggs everything up, release that fear and let it go.

Pride: give pride a break and don’t let it stop you from fully embracing life and loving others.

Don’t doubt your self.

You don’t need any validation from your past.

People change, places and communities change. You are no longer the 18 or 20 year old you used to be. Your may hold different views now than you did when you were your were your twenty year old self back then.

We get older. A bully back in the day may have turned out into a better person today.

Population grow and decrease. Change happens whether we like it or not.

Remembrance to inspire

Bring up your past to inject life and good to your present circumstances. We can bring our past in remembrance to help us remember the positive things that happened back then. Instead of living in the past, bring those fond memories as a way of encouraging your current situation.

Against all odds you may have held a good job back then, friends and strong relationships. Maybe you were healed from a serious disease, conceived against all odds, whatever it is, if it happened to you back then it can happen to you now. If you received your healing back then God can heal you now. If you recovered financially back then you can still get the same outcome today.

Bring the past into remembrance. Its easy to forget when one one is facing challenges that life is never smooth. But we always find a way of dealing with our situations today as we did back then.

Remembering the bad things that happened in the past helps us avoid falling into the same habits and patterns that led us there. The world today is talking a lot about injustices and some practices that haven’t changed like racism, modern day slavery, hate and so on. We remember the past injustices today as a way of educating and bringing awareness so that we don’t slide back into bad practice.

We are teaching young people about slavery, why it happened possibly because of greed, power, hate, trade and commerce. We bring awareness, educate, reflect, teach, learn lessons from the past.

We don’t live in the past but bring the good aspects of our histories into our present circumstances.

Walking is not a competition about who gets there first, it is away of getting to a place, so is life.

Find peace within you and start living again.

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