I’m thankful for each day as I urge towards my goals

Hi everybody.

This week we continue to explore purposeful living in the midst of crisis.

There is a lot of stuff that sometimes makes us lose all hope and focus. As anxiety kicks in, which happens quiet often, we can still adjust and evaluate where we are.

The result is that it brings us peace.

When life is pushing and knocking you about, there is still more reasons that makes us get up in the morning and face the day.

I don’t know about you but there is more to this life to discover, explore, change and contribute to.

Whatever crisis you may be facing at the moment: focus on those goals that you still want to meet and fulfill and that will keep you going.


Mind in the right place

The accuser is there to inflict suffering to your mind therefore the battle starts in your head.

Acknowledge whatever it is you are battling, talk abut it and seek help. There is help out there, it may be counselling, medication or both.

Be honest about your feelings and anxieties, its not like you’re brushing them off but are facing and thinking about what you can do or change.

Its never too late to start again, whatever you age. Stay focussed on that vision and those goals.

  • Are you running on empty?
  • You still have a purpose in this life despite the bleakness of the situation.
  • Have  a structure/ goals.
  • Develop and nurture a purpose filled life.

A good start is focusing on your goals. It may be:

Family time: Maybe its more time with your family that is important.

Mending relationships: You may be looking at having closer family ties or other.

Going on holiday: It may be going on holiday with a family member or friend that is important.

Being useful to someone: Perhaps your calling in life may be being useful to a cause or someone.

A purpose filled life

Our lives are not a mistake.

We are not a mistake.

We are meant to be here right now.

Start by conditioning your inner man. Find the power and boldness to move forward and do things.

Position yourself in line with what you want to do and achieve.

Things dont just happen by themselves sometimes they require a push and some action.

Find that inner power and boldness to move forward and do things.

  • what you hope for shapes what you live for.

Move someone’s mountain

At times just doing something for somebody, small or life changing delivers us from our own problems.

We often ask, ‘why are we here’? Maybe to be a father or mother, get married and live a happy life, be a son or daughter, or change the world.

Whatever the reason, there is more to this life.

I believe we are also here to serve maybe defend someone.

People are dejected and its nice when someone comes along and say I get you.

  • Look outwards.

I remember the story of Job in the bible. When Job focused on himself, on everything that had befallen him he was overwhelmed. His family, livestock and everything he owned had been destroyed. The only friends that remained mocked him.

  • Job 42:10 God turned Job’s captivity when he prayed for his friends and increased his fortune.

We pray or do things for others for  a number of reasons. We pray for healing, protection, safety, comfort, breakthroughs and so on.

It also gives us joy when we pray for others.

We get a satisfying feeling when we help others.

Kindness brings us peace.


Stepping forward

The doing part may be tough but the results are fulfilling.

We are fighting a lot of battles but when your goals are clear the achievement is awesome.

The world has experienced a lot of disasters, epidemics and pandemics.

Remember US hurricane Katrina in 2005, we watched in horror as people were being swept away and the number of deaths rising.

Amazon fires and many other disasters.

In 2019 we saw the Australian bush fires, which devastated the landscape and resulted in loss of life and wildlife.

For most of us, these last few months have been challenging while trying to adjust to a new normal. In one of my articles published in 2019, I wrote about global warming and  how the news about a warming earth, rising sea levels and C02 was causing alarm in young people. Children in schools were raising concerns and fear that the world was coming to an end.

Covid19 has brought fears but with clear goals there’s a way out.

To dissolve our disputes we have enough resources on this earth, materials and time.

  • we can be happy now
  • content
  • live fulfilled lives.

Find your purpose in life and travel that journey.

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