A life well lived is one lived in love and helping others

Hi everybody.

This week I want to talk about love. Walking and living in love is best said than done. But we are all capable of loving ourselves and others.

The heart carries a lot of stuff, selfishness, envy, cruelty, hardened unforgiving attitude, heart break and so on but love also live there. Even if it is tiny, it is enough to bring positive change.

Living in love

Whatever injustices we have come across, rejection, hatred, bitterness, ugliness and so on we are all capable to walk in love.

Whatever we do we should do it in love. Be it working at a fruit stand, supermarket, sport or in whatever industry: the main thing is love.

The fond childhood memories we remember, perhaps is your grandmother’s recipe and her love for cooking. It may be visits to grandparents during the holidays, when you look back at those moments they are filled with love not money.

Even if there wasn’t enough to go round you were happy. Every family has its own share of problems but what brings happy memories is that sprinkle of love.

Success is good. Riches are good, so is a big house, expensive cars, watches and gifts, but without love it is nothing.

Life is nothing when there is no love, if you can’t share, give or accept love.

  • Philippians 2:3

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,

  • 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
  • Romans 13:8
  • John 13:34
  • John 3:16
  • John 15:13

The world needs love, that’s what it needs. We can change a lot in our communities and society if we walk in love. A lot of good can be achieved.

Love imparts positively, we tend to remember with fondness moments in time when we were happy. Its not just nostalgia but being helped and helping others, community spirit, perhaps belonging to a group or club but the point is it was a loving time.

Human beings are good at reflecting and hindsight. Some of us are ready to help but sometimes its not everyone that is willing to help you when you are down and out. But when something terrible happens to that person, illness or loss of life, it is amazing how we well up with regret. ‘If only I had visited, called, stayed, did something’.

We know when people are taking advantage of us but there are situations we just cannot shake off where we need to chip in.

Instead of demeaning each other, looking and judging others that have failed to live to our level in life, move gently in love.

Love accompanied by works may not be easy but it does make a difference to people’s lives.

Help someone today and try not to grieve about it.

difficult life

Its easy to take life for granted and think that we all come from happy backgrounds. That may not be the case for some of us. The media if full of upsetting stories of domestic abuse and violence. There are many families and individuals living under duress. They live in fear, experiencing physical, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse. We hear horrifying stories of both parents abusing their child.

  • Abuse is somebody’s reality
  • But we can do something about it.
  • When we walk in love we are showing others that there are options
  • safeguarding issues in schools
  • safe environments
  • kindness
  • offering help
  • being there for someone


Its often been said that what we speak is a reflection of what is filling our hearts. It’s amazing how much hatred is out there and those inflicting it.

It doesn’t matter how important or successful one is, you see them stooping so low just to throw a punch.

In the process they often forget who they are and just want to make a point for the sake of making a point. Sometimes we dont have to say anything or say something for the sake of it.

Hatred knows no class. Some of it is deep engrained. No education, success, title can dim it. Some people live and have been brought up  in a family of racists, homophobias, antisemitism, islamophobia and so on and it  may take a lifetime to repair the damage.

We live in societies where people attack others without giving any logical reason why? just for the sake of it because they can.

What gives you authority to do that?

  • think before you open your mouth
  • think before you write something
  • think before you score a point
  • put love first


There is hope because we all are capable of changing. Love can help us become better individuals.

  • Lets walk in love
  • choose to walk in peace.

Love is not just empty words but requires action and works.

Step out of your important position.

Leave your title behind. Take that crown off and be a simple man again. Do a menial task for somebody.

Its okay to love yourself and others, try it.

If we are willing to change we can change.

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