Stop wasting your time hurting someone becuase they hurt you

It is not worth it directing negative energy at someone who probably doesn’t care about you. Life is way too short for that.

Everyday is precious.

Don’t waste your time hurting, instead forgive and move on.

Why we hurt

It may be because you experienced some abuse at the hands of a perpetrator. Does that person remember what they did to you? Probably not.

People who hurt others, the abusers, have a way of causing deep hurt. They also have an ability to either apologise and move on with their lives or just shrugging off whatever hurt they may have caused and continue to live happy ever after.

On the other hand, you are left hurting, planning revenge. Wishing every possible bad thing may happen to that person. Directing your prayers, inner strength to see the person who hurt you fall.

You wait expectantly to hear a bad report about that person.

Maybe someone told lies about you. Lies hurt and sometimes they have a way of sticking on. If you entertain lies you end up validating them. Its not worth it. With the passage of time truth will come out. Truth has a way of coming out.

Getting dumped: you are not the first person to experience this and won’t be the last. Breaking up is painful, be it mutual or otherwise. It is more painful when someone denies that you were really an item. It is even more painful when someone makes up ‘some reasons, lies’ to validate why they are breaking up with you in the first place.

Yet again, it may take some time, but always truth has a way of coming out.

Therefore don’t waste your time, effort, and energy focussing and directing hurt at whatever situation that has hurt you.

It’s ok to be angry and to express that anger, but it must not consume or take over your life. After a while, learn to move on.

Don’t allow anybody to take a minute more of your life. Whatever happened it happened and there’s no disputing that but that burden is not for you to carry around forever.

Put it down.

Goodness in my life

Focus on your inner circle.

  • These are the people who know you well and matter to you.
  • They stand with you.
  • These are people who know what you meant or you wanted to mean.
  • They don’t make up stories or twist the truth.
  • They are real people you call and talk to.
  • They listen to you and offer sound advice.
  • They care about you.
  • They pray for you.

They are your family. They are your kids and grandkids, your friends, colleagues and so on. They are goodness itself.

They love you.

God loves you.

That is all the goodness you need in your life.

When you reach a low, remember God loves you and other people love you.

Be careful who you listen to

  • where we start up in this world should not define where we end up
  • you are not useless
  • you are here for a reason

People like giving advice but be careful about who you listen to. Some people actually help you cement your fears. You become dependent on them.

Before approaching anybody ask God to lead you, ask God for help. He will give you and anoint the right people to speak to your situation.

Then start growing your self esteem and believing in your self.

Everything its beautiful in its own time.


What a wonderful world this is. The flow of the river, grass, trees, mud, dirt, the air that we breathe, the stars, day, night, life, good health, animals, food, house, garden, park, job, friends, family and so on.

There is beauty all around us.

Appreciating what we have will make our star shine brighter.

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