Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: Schools teaching discrimination

In the words of Nelson Mandela; ‘no one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.’

Our generation can change the narrative by catching the children young. Its amazing what children can absorb at that age. Let us end all forms of hate in schools now.

Thankful Thursdays wishes to congratulate educators in schools, for taking up the task to educate young people about RESPECT.

Teaching values

Thanks to teachers and adults who interact with children in schools, and are already making sure that young people are aware of values at a tender age. This is important.

Kids should learn that everybody is equal and nobody should be discriminated upon.

Teaching children Respect, good Language, Love, Kindness, Togetherness, Belonging, Teamwork, Volunteering will help them now and later in life when they are adults.

Capturing the mind

A baby starts learning from the moment they are born. A few days down the line they can hear, start following movement. They start responding to their name when they are called. They follow commands like “clap your hands, kiss mummy” and so on. Babies also know how to get a reaction from an adult when they feel ignored. All this is through learning and observation. Lets continue to change the self limiting things in schools that make our young people hateful adults by continuing to seed positive knowledge in their minds. Its true some kids come from challenging homes, but most children are innocent and are able to ask awkward questions, hence challenging guardians at home. If they’re not learning manners at home, school environment is the next best option for them to do so.

Teaching children difference is okay. For them to know that we don’t know where we will end, that life is full of surprises, good and bad, its not a bad thing to know. Therefore ambition, aspirations, challenging oneself are all important lessons to capture a young mind.

Telling kids they can make it and reach their goals are all possibilities to look forward to. In being different we all reach our goals at different times. Some people make it at 18, others 25, 30, 40, 50 years and so on. That’s okay too.

  • Everybody must have a dream. Hey kids, you can go places, dream of some place, can get there and be somebody and do whatever it is you want.

Difference is good. We can’t all look the same, do the same stuff, and so on. Life will be boring.

I wish to thank teachers who are already teaching young people about moving forward together.

Teaching about life and that we are all on a journey. Thank you for teaching young ones to develop aspirations. And that different as we are, we’re similar in many ways.

Good role models

Recently, I read the other day that Oscar nominee, Ryan Coogler was mistaken as a bank robber by police in Atlanta, the US, while trying to withdraw money from his bank . Coogler was falsely accused and detained. Coogler has directed films “Black Panther,” and “Fruitvale Station.” Although the bank teller explained that it is the way Ryan Coogler was dressed,, sun shades and and a black hat, which caused a “red flag,” there was widespread public anger over the banks stance.

It is wrong to label and put people in boxes because of one’s belief and perception. It should not be about race, age, sex, disability or gender. Lets learn Respect and stop categorising people. The English say don’t judge a book by its cover, (George Eliot). Let us do away with prejudice. We need role models from all walks of life to influence young people. At the same time the onus is on teachers, guardians and all who interact with young people to highlight who is who in society.

Sharing, respect, generosity, and such limitations all start in the mind.

Most isms are learnt. Racism, hate, bad language, gender bias is learnt. If that’s the case, we can learn to love, tolerance and so on.


Fundraising for youngsters is an opportunity to develop. Its big stuff to be responsible for others. That’s what fundraising is all about. There are many elements of goodness here for one to develop such as sharing, kindness, giving, belonging and so on. Once again, thanks to schools already teaching young people to love instead of hate.

  • Responsibilities.

Children become aware that there are other people somewhere in their community, or in the world, who are not as fortunate as they are. They become responsible young people. Asking how and what they can do to help. Looking after their toys and old clothes and donating them to those in need. In the process doing good for the environment because they are recycling their unwanted possessions.

I don’t see how someone doing all the above would turn into a prickly, uncaring somebody when they’re older. In my old posts, I talk about peer pressure; it is common when one is developing. Its easily done to be led in a certain way and end up losing oneself. But the seed of goodness planted earlier on in one’s life always triumph. Indeed it happens when we lose our way, we do not recognise who we’ve become, but we always end up doing what’s right. Simply because of something instilled in us when we were little.

Thank you teachers and guardians for showing young people that it matters how we treat others.

  • We are all part of planet earth.
  • Its okay for everyone of us to dream and pursue what life has in store for us without being discriminated against.

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