Thank you my one of the very special people

Thank you: my one of the very special people in the whole world

There are lots of issues in the world taking away our peace. A place of thankfulness brings everything into perspective. I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks to you all for making my life worthwhile. Thanks to the living and sadly those that have passed away.

Thank you for enriching my life in one way or the other.

Special people

  • Family has played a very significant role in my life. When everything doesn’t seem to be making sense, family has always been there for me. I come from a background where positivity is cemented. Not just empty shooing one forward, but faith with works. For instance it may take a little while to get a breakthrough, but in time, things start shaping up and lining up. What ever I’d be expecting becomes real when I get the evidence. I’ve learnt patience, putting in the hours and lots of life skills from close family members. Thank you:
  • Mom for carrying me 9 months and growing up in your womb. You gave me life and thank you for seeing the best in me. Thank you for believing in me.
  • Parents, thank you.
  • Sisters, I thank you for the laughter, listening to music and making lots of noise. We winded each other up but made up soon after. Tried each other’s clothes, borrowed stuff from each other, thank you for the memories. Thank you for all the hard work you invested in me. You were there when I went through rejection and disappointment but you stood by me. Your advised that in season I shall reap if I faint not, (Galatians 6:9). Thank you for encouraging me to focus, and to be persistent.
  • Brothers, always hanging around.
  • Daughter, my praying princess, thank you for being the grown up. Telling me its never too late. Believing in me and being my number one supporter..
  • Beautiful niece, quiet but decisive. You’re my pillar of strength and support network
  • Nephews, great nephews, great nieces, you’re cute as you are. I feel the love, thank you. My grandkids, I thank for just being yourselves, cute and loving unconditional.
  • Cousins, my support network, dependable. Can’t live without you. Thank you.
  • Spouse, Partner and friend, thank you for moral support, friendship, constructive criticism, backing me and being you and always there.
  • Colleagues thank you.
  • Employer thank you.

The cleaner at school, dinner lady, thank you for teaching me manners

Friends, to my girlfriends some of whom are dotted around the world, I thank you for the messages of encouragement. Praying for me always without ceasing, listening, advice and most of all for not being judgemental..

  • Friends have been part of my versatile and adaptation as I developed. Students together in life and art of living. Always learning, reading, discovering new things , new ways, the unexpected.
  • Good friends you’ve been to me, like those who lowered the paralysed man through the roof so he can be healed by Jesus. You covered and encircled my life with prayers. You’ve been there through my highs and lows. Going through heartbreak, grief, disappointment and celebrating with me in good times. Recovering from my mistakes, you stood by me. Thank you.

You’re up there, top of the list in my priorities. You’ve all been important to me. Nobody will steal you from me, not in this life or the life to come.

You may not be fortunate enough to have blood relations, but you community, where you volunteer, social groups, sport team, whatever area and where you have the connections, the people who care when they don’t hear from you or see you, those are your friends and family. We are all connected.

Money over relationships

That’s no brainer.

You all taught me that money doesn’t buy me happiness but it makes life easier. What you and I have got gives happiness. Family, friends environment, community, neighbours and so on. Yes money makes you enjoy certain things in life, for instance eating out without counting the cents and pennies, looking good , facial pampering, make up, buying food, paying bills, fuel , fees and so on without worrying. That’s great. On the other hand I learnt that being together with family and circle of friends and community simple gives me happiness . Money frees you and me, No need to be at work all the time, holding three jobs at a time. You don’t need to wait for years to see a specialist. You can get your teeth done, IVF privately, life extending medicine, good health etc. All this, good as it may, I choose to value home, wherever my heart is. I value friendships and more freedoms surrounded by one of the very special people in the whole wild world who love me.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, God gave us to live not to hold.

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