Thank you corona helpers

Thank you corona helpers for doing humanity proud

Compliments of the season everybody.

We are commencing the year with corona virus still in our midst. We have sort of got used to corona virus but nobody wants it around any minute longer. We would not have made it this far without corona helpers. Help has come from different parts of society, ordinary people and those with expertise knowledge.

Charity begins at Home

A large number of corona helpers are right in the midst of communities.

Those of us who were still waiting to be vaccinated had to do with what we had at home to try and keep corona away. Home remedies such as as drinking lemon water, adding mint, ginger, guava leaves to flush toxins became popular in developing countries. Green teas deriving from moringa, and zumbani bushes were in regular use in Zimbabwe. Rooibos teas from South Africa, North Africa mint teas from Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania, Ethiopian tea with cloves, cinnamon and herbs, Kenya too, all came in handy to fan off corona. A huge thank you to our elders who lived through similar health scares for coming up with much needed wisdom.

Key workers

My definition of key worker/s has expanded from what I originally thought, as the virus defined how important we all are when we all come together to offer out time, services, love, resources, commitment and so on.

  • Health workers/Science: A big thank you to all the key workers in the field of health. You offered your services, some of you carrying out long shifts, hours on end to save lives. Covid scientists, in the UK with the likes of Chris Whitty to Jonathan Van-Tam amongst others, the US with Doctor Anthony Fauci and others, South Africa has also shown its strength in identifying new strains of corona and other regions globally are all represented, thank you. SAGE in the UK, The European Biosecurity Regulators Forum (EBRF), just to name a few a huge thanks. Epidemiologists carrying out research, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, ambulance crews, paramedics, cleaners keeping the hospitals and care centres clean. Cooks and kitchen staff in hospitals and canteens, religious staff too who encourage the sick and vulnerable, also carrying out the last rites, thank you.
  • Neighbours who looked out for fellow neighbours we thank you. The beginning of the pandemic freaked out a lot of people, some of whom were afraid to go out and carry urgent tasks such as shopping. Thank you to all the neighbours who looked out for each other, offering moral support, food, a friendly face and voice on the phone.
  • Food banks were in regular use in many communities when most people couldn’t make ends meet and still are. We frequented food banks, vice versa deliveries were made to homes running short on supplies.
  • Residents who’ve heeded to the food bank calls for help a big thank you for donating essentials. You’ve kept vital supplies coming.

Thank you for helping the poor, needy and those struggling in these challenging times.

  • Nursing home staff and residential care homes for the elderly and vulnerable a big thank you. You acted as the backbone of such institutions, offering stability, security, reassurance to already vulnerable people. Some of the care home staff committed time, 2-3 months without going home in some instances, in order to keep the residents safe and keep covid out. A big thank you to everyone.

Thank you to:

  • Supermarket workers and stores that kept us fed. You came into contact with different people/households because of the nature of your job but regardless, turned up for work. Delivery drivers and crews kept the shops stocked. Picking, loading, and being away from home for days on end a big thank you.
  • Manufactures and suppliers of essentials like soap, sanitisers, moisturisers and personal protective equipment a big thank you.
  • Leadership, who’ve managed to look after it’s own people, make difficult decisions, implement new policies to keep us safe we thank you.
  • World Health Organisation (WHO), thank you for showing good leadership, bringing out transparency and accountability and being the conscience of nation states.

Organisations that have assisted financially to fight corona such as:

  • Doctors without borders, Oxfam, Feeding America, The Red Cross, European Bank, and others, continue the good work.
  • GAVI, the vaccine alliance helping to improve access to vaccines for worlds needy children and vulnerable. According to www,one,org GAVI mission is to save lives, reduce poverty and protect the world against the threat of epidemics, a big thanks.
  • Charities helping the homelessness such as Shelter, The Salvation Army in the UK and elsewhere, Street link and others, thank you. In America, Feeding America, Blessings in a Backpack (providing summer feeds during school shut downs, FoodCorps also working with schools and young people, Mercy Chefs (on food delivery), World Central Kitchen , working in cities , WhyHunger, Save the Children, UNICEF not only in the US but in rest of the world, United Way, Meals on Wheels (self-explanatory), Convoy of Hope and many more, thank you.
  • Influential individuals like celebrities, the list is long to name, Marcus Rushford UK, NBA players, Idris Elba and wife, encouraging people to be tested. Whoopi Goldberg, according to (international media reports), thank you for correcting a fellow celebrity and setting the record straight. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, according to the Insider, for donating $1 million to Feeding America, Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry also donating money to food banks, musicians, actors, actresses, sports people, and others, a big thank you. Thank you for using your popularity to highlight lack in schools and disadvantaged families, Some of you have raised lots of money to cover gaps right through the pandemic and continue to offer support to this day. Thank you all for doing humanity proud.


  • Ordinary people rising to the occasion, setting your selves goals to walk, run, swim and so on to raise funds and meet needs we, salute you.

To all of us, regardless of nation, geography, gender, race, class and so on, a big pat on the back. Yes corona is still here but together we’re moving forward doing whatever we can to keep safe and create a better future in order to keep hope alive..

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