Thank you for small favours and happiness they bring

Thank you for small favours and happiness they bring

When life is moving on as normal, take a moment to say thank you for everything.

It’s not just about remembering the big things like getting up from a coma, or being saved from a plane, train or car accident. Acknowledging and saying thanks to mundane normal stuff its equally important. I’ve since realised it prepares me well for the day ahead and life in general. It may not seem like much until one is facing devastating life changing challenges, then we look back and wish we were back in the past when nothing much was happening.

Oftentimes life is busy, and stuff may pass us by without even realising a good thing until its gone.

AM thanks

It is a good practice to be thankful when getting up in the morning, before my mind is clouded up by stuff.. I find it difficult to appreciate the day later on as I’m side tracked by chores and daily pressures. Make it a habit to acknowledge thanks:

  • for a goodnight sleep.
  • friends and family
  • getting up the morning.
  • Good health. It’s only when appetite goes then we remember the good old days. I visited a friend facing health challenges the other week. I brought her a small jam roly-poly, (sponge cake). Thought it’ll be easier for her to digest it with pouring cream, custard or ice cream. My friend said I didn’t have to do that, bring her stuff each time I visited. Further more she doesn’t eat a lot these days. Her poor health has caused her digesting challenges. Nowadays she liquidises all her food so that it doesn’t go the other way. The art of preparing food and serving it its not as appealing to her because of what is involved. It is challenging because she wasn’t born this way. My friend made sure I was aware that she’s developed a small appetite now, she has a small tummy, she said. Looking back, we used to enjoy a good bacon sandwich or fry up. Yes, life changes. ‘Thank God for a lovely looking garden, neatly trimmed hedges’, I observed, looking forward to spring.

‘Yes, the garden is lovely. The gardener is doing a good job, although I can’t see it from up here. It’s a shame,‘ she said.

This is because my fiend is also losing her sight.

Sight loss was not sudden, but gradually. But she still longs for those days when she could clearly see everything, watch television, read instead of the listening book, and so on.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, take time to appreciate life small favours and pleasures.

They matter the most.

We don’t often realise it until its too late.

There’s always something to smile about.

Thank you for small favours.

Make it a habit.

Thank you for daily chores

Give thanks for the little things you do in a day. It may seem like nothing much, but the fact that you woke up this morning is something to be thankful for.

  • daily chores.
  • brand new day.
  • getting the children ready for school.
  • baths and showers, breakfast.
  • getting everyone out of the door to face the day. Some going to school and others work.
  • going out for that run in the morning.
  • walking the dog. Putting out the rubbish.
  • cleaning and sweeping the courtyard.
  • well earned rest.

Thank you.

Thank you for happiness

Life just doesn’t happen.

You work it.

With anticipation.

I’m empowered to have success today.

There’s nothing that beats a brand new day. Morning dew. Sound of the the corekrel and chickens next door. Dog barking, birds singing. Gate slamming. Traffic sound, and you know its time to get up. Be at one with nature, as you go out for your walk, gardening, or doing something useful, something with a purpose, cleaning, cooking whatever it is that make you feel better, making you appreciate life and feeling you’re part of the living. Always, thanks for small favours.

Don’t miss the small things.

It’s not just about remembering the big things like waking up from a coma, but learn to say:

Thank you to freedom/s.

Thank you for truth, here and now.

Where you are in life is equally as important as where you’re going.

Having goals and aspirations is okay. But it all begins here.

Thank you for next day, anticipation for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a new day dawning.

Happiness is the best face. Happiness is the best place. .

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