Thank you corona helpers Part 2

Thank you corona helpers Part 2

Sometimes we try to find answers and there are no answers. In such a situation, give thanks. Thank you to everyone who kept us glued together during coronavirus covid-19. We’ve been up and down with covid-19.. if there’s anything I’ve learnt from all this is to be thankful. Individuals, groups and organisation, constantly trying to adapt to a fast changing situation and being stretched in all directions but we’re still here. Thank you everybody.

The living

To all of you who comforted and continue comforting the living, thank you. Sometimes its about the living. The departed live in our hearts always. There are many situations at the start of the pandemic when some governments, decision makers got it wrong. Most states were not sure on when or if to lockdown. Some got the timing wrong and because of this corona virus spread in communities, resulting in high hospitalisation and loss of life. The UK government, widely publicized ( et al, mis-timed, in its haste to obtain (PPE), personal protective equipment, ended up with some supplies that did not meet the UK standards. A lot of money paid to the suppliers, middle men and so on for sub standard products. Health workers at risk, running low on PPE, oxygen and so on. Some health workers, depending with where one is in the world were not well equipped, putting themselves at risk but continued to turn up for work. Doctors and medical practitioners explaining to families why they got things wrong, in some cases patients deteriorated fast or help was slow, they too had to explain to families. Family members being prevented from visiting loved ones in hospital and health centres, somebody somewhere had to explain.

When to lockdown nursing and residential homes for vulnerable residents was a big issue at the peak of covid-19. There was poor coordination when patients were discharged from hospital and brought back home to respective residential/nursing homes. Hence spreading corona virus unknowingly to the rest of the residents and staff. Politicians explaining why they got it wrong.

That’s part of being an adult that you can’t always protect the people you love. But owning up when one gets it wrong is equally important. Thank you all for doing that.

Physical/mental health

Thanks to mental health organisations and charities, who’ve witnessed a rise in in people struggling with mental health. Mental health charities have taken a key role in responding to corona as there is increased demand for help. Quickly adapting their services to meet these demands are organisations such as Samaritans, MIND UK, Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health UK, The Mix, Place2Be, Rethink Mental Illness, Student Minds, Mental Health America, the later addressing both mental and physical health effects of corona and others I’m not able to list here, thank you. New Yorkers and other states thank you for offering free counselling, remote peer counselling for frontline workers and mental health chats for undocumented people. Thanks to some of you for providing three free meals a day at more than 400 meal hubs across the city, (

Children and young people some of whom are struggling with the return to school, not surprising some have been facing challenges different from corona before this. Schools and teachers thank you for being the responsible adult in a child’s life. Children and young adults talking about:

  • how they feel with on and off lockdowns
  • remote learning
  • covering faces in school
  • all of this resulting in a significant rise in anxiety (BBC 4/2/2022). Pressures arising that go hand in hand such as domestic and sexual violence amongst others have increased, thank you charities for rising up to challenges, protecting families and lives.

Service men/women

The Army has played a pivotal role being drafted in to help with vaccines and distribution of logistics. Army engineers helping to build emergency coronavirus hospitals, moving supplies and much needed logistics from warehouses to the end user. Army doctors and health workers drafted in at short notice to assist with vaccines, thank you for vaccinating people in car parks and other designated centres. Police and those working in the justice departments, thank you for keeping the peace and stemming out irresponsible behaviour, upholding the law, issuing fines to corona law breakers and so on. Thank you for doing you work properly even when facing challenges like people spitting in your faces, confrontational behaviour and so on, thank you for not backing down. You upheld the rule of law, manning curfews and lockdowns, dispersing crowds, gatherings, prop up parties and anti-social behaviour..

Prisons, workers and prisoners, for standing up for the marginalized and forgotten, thank you. Getting the vaccines to all when required to by law.

Bus drivers, thank you for being frontline workers and trying to protect your passengers. Bus drivers, you were hardest hit by covid-19 early on. So were security workers and bouncers, thank you corona helpers.

RSPCA and other animal charities thank you. Your dealt with corona, animals and people. Thank you for looking after animals ,pets and people needing help in that regard. Coronavirus impact meant that suddenly priorities shifted. Money was tight and choices were made. Animal charities you came in, rescuing animals, offering food, shelter, medical treatment, health checks and saving animals. You’re continuing to offer much needed food and shelter to stray and abandoned pets. Likewise givers who continue donating and giving, thanks to all.

To all those who may be feeling under valued, if there’s anything to learn from coronavirus (covid-19) is that all jobs are valuable. Be it doctors, scientists, orderlies, cleaners, health assistants, security people and so on, we’re all working towards the same objective. A positive end. Removing coronavirus covid-19 and achieving a desirable end. Some of you faced your chores without adequate protective gear, but chose to protect us. Thank you corona helpers.

Families, thank you all for keeping everyone safe.

The ones we’ve lost, friends, family, community members and so on, you fought but it wasn’t to be. You’re forever in our hearts. Thank you for inspiring us and encouraging humanity to fight on, in the process helping those left behind to discover new treatments.

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