We hope in God’s healing presence to make all things new

As the world continues to grapple with corona virus, my reassurance to you all is that God will once again come to our rescue. He will restore and heal us. We are hurting, having lost loved ones, friends, health workers, relatives, partners and parents to Covid19. It has touched royalty, leaders and celebrities alike.

As we continue juggling life, some of us are dealing with anxiety and depression that may be as a result of corona virus or anything else.

Our article wish to convey to us all: to hold onto HOPE.

Lets live in hope.


We are living in unchartered times. We have been forced by events beyond our capabilities to adapt to a different kind of life. We have become familiar to terms such as self distancing and self isolation.

Repeatedly, reporters are asking those in decision making positions again and again when all this is going to end, and getting the same response ‘we don’t know’.

Depression: It happens to most people, one minute it’s all good and next woosh, it washes over you. Sometimes we tend to spiritualise stuff or totally push it aside.

  • we all get low
  • vulnerable

We should try to be open up about our fears and anxieties.

But things happen. We need to dust up, get up and start living again. Even through these troubling times miracles are happening all around us. Look at our National health systems, the NHS, all these are miracles. Coronavirus is making some of us appreciate our health more now than ever before. It is making us appreciate our loved ones, our lives we once thought boring.

Everyone gets serious, low and worried and that’s true.

Downtimes happen but look and see around you, there are other good things happening.

  • Sometimes we need dark times to appreciate bright times.
  • Time is important so let us take it seriously, cautiously and enjoy it.
  • Let us enjoy our lives and loved ones too.
  • Enjoy the love and humanity we get from our planet every day.
  • Apart from our differences humanity still exists.
  • We all have choices in our lives about what we want to do or gonna do.
  • Let us ask and offer help.

People are focused on their own health in developed countries, but spare a thought for people living in poor states, with broken or non-existent health systems, no access to wheel chairs, walking aids and medicines.

This is an opportune moment to help others. There are lots of organisations out there representing different groups, Disability, Heart foundation, Cancers, Global change, Environment, UNICEF and so on.

We all have a capacity to help, its amazing what collective strength we have together.


In these unsettling times God is merciful and loves us and he will give us strength to carry on.

We need each other more now than ever before.

If we do things and take decisions collectively we will get breakthroughs, vaccines and new treatments.

Lord you are quick to forgive and slow to anger. Although we often rebel against you, you quickly come to our aid when we call upon you.

Give us wisdom.

God is confronting this and helping us.

Although the sun is dark and the earth quakes but when we call unto the Lord he saves us.

You are God of mercy.

Pity your people and save us.


God is bringing restoration to our devastated land and making us prosperous again.

  • restoring the entire world ‘Psalms 16:1’
  • renewal

God will renew our strength ‘Isiah 40:31’.

God will strengthen and save us ‘Zechariah 10:6’

For a speediest recovery: let us work together across boundaries, do things collectively and once more revive our economies.

Don’t give up on hope.

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