It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams and aspirations

A couple of months ago before the corona virus epidemic, I was talking to a friend of mine about stuff and how bad her finances were. She just found life very challenging. Being in sales, commission was low as people were not buying.

She expressed her concern about passing of time, that it was too late for her to do anything now let alone owning a home as she is still renting. ‘That bus has passed me by’, she noted.

I went on to encourage her that there was no better time like the present.

This week I wish to encourage everyone, myself included not to discount ourselves.  Age is not an excuse. Neither is gender, geography, education, marital status, and whatever excuses we may come up with.

Lets stop selling ourselves short.

Step out

Age: Avoid using age as an excuse. Its not everyone with a clear vision about what we want in life when we are 16 or 18. Sometimes things become clearer when one is older.

At times we have a clear vision about what we want and where we are headed, but somehow things don’t work out. Like my friend she was conned off her entire savings by a professional con artist. A property developer sold a piece of land to my friend, land that had been sold to several other people and disappeared.

I know a few people in the UK who lost investments on timeshares. Some also lost on Christmas saving clubs. This just shows that life has hurdles and we shouldn’t give up on our dreams. We learn to negotiate the hurdles and pass through.

We all like familiar: but don’t let familiar stop you from venturing and trying new things. Toddlers are taught how to cycle. They fall and graze their knees but that doesn’t kill them. In the end its a joy when we let go and see them cycling away. But its usually after several attempts.

Therefore keep a cool head and start:

  • saving again
  • start a new job
  • start a family
  • training
  • business
  • take up a new hobby, for example sketching n canvass
  • connect/ network
  • pursue that dream and whatever you want to do

Grow your self esteem. You may have felt as remotely good about yourself but there’s hope.

You can still  do things and go places therefore don’t be afraid to dip your toes into the water. Step out.  I’ve noted in the past that stepping out can be a lonely place, but you may have a good story to tell in a couple, five or ten years from now.

Cut off negative influences

Surround yourself with positive people. Surround yourself with people that enrich and enhance your life, people that give you options instead of killing your ideas.

There are people who are always afraid. You discuss an idea with them or suggest something and they are quick to tell you to be careful or not to do it.

  • cut off negative people
  • bad press
  • leave it all behind
  • fear

Sometimes when one gets a conviction about something its only you that sees that dream and how big an idea it may become. Stop convincing others if they don’t understand what you’re on about.

It is not your place to convince everybody.

You will lose your friends but you will get to where you want to be in life.

Nobody can stop a good idea from developing.

Create your own path

If you can keep control you can make it through all the twists and turns.

Try to stop negative expectations and nurture optimism, a positive end.

  • take action
  • Write down your vision
  • shake off negative influences
  • have a purpose
  • be curious and inquisitive
  • start creating opportunities/ connections to support your vision
  • Be positive
  • get addicted to positive things

Its foolishness to step onto the roof and think you can fly, you’ll probably break your bones or die: but be wise, optimistic, believe and have faith.

Implement: Stop procrastination

It is never to late to fulfill your dreams and enjoy your life while you’re at it.

Don’t leave on regret thinking about what could have been.

Dream, step out and then only then you may discover what is hidden on the other side.

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