When this is all over I promise to be a good human being.

We have all done it. When we are facing a challenge in our lives, illness in the family and when facing death we often pray to God and make all sorts of promises.

We promise to be good, only if the thorn in our lives is removed.

Corona-virus is non-discriminatory, everyone of us is experiencing its impact on our lives.

My article will seek to look at how our present deprivation is making us reconsider our priorities. Whether life will go back to normal or if as individuals corona virus has changed us for the better.

Taking things for granted

The Corona-virus pandemic has stripped back the paint, and laid bare what lies underneath.

It has wiped the slate clean and is giving us, those of us who survive this, an opportunity to start afresh.

One of the reasons of starting my blog was my frustration at how ungrateful our generation is, our lack of appreciation about our lives and environment.

I found myself yelling at the television, or just uttering ‘what a lot of rubbish’ to something I would have read in the paper.

I don’t have a job’, somebody will say. And yet in one part of the country a farmer cannot get staff to pick his fruit and vegetables which ends up rotting in the ground

I would find myself yelling at the television , ‘go to where the job is, don’t wait for the job to come and land on your doorstep’,

I remember watching a television series about people who cannot stop eating. The minute they get up they want food, and all day is spent inside eating and eating. They only get a break when they go to sleep at night, and it starts all over again the following day.

That’s a lot of money spent on junk food when one adds it all up.  I thought to myself girl register with an organisation and go out and do some volunteering.

Volunteer in your local community, and its amazing how time flies when one is busy, you won’t even think about food.

There are international organisations where one can register and go overseas to teach English, or skills of some sort. They do all the background checks to see that one is not a danger to children and all that. I tell you you’ll come back looking lovely and toned.

Note: I have to point out that there are eating disorders caused by mental health and other issues.

I am referring to those of us who are just lazy, or maybe things have been tough in the past and you need a bit of encouragement to change, myself included, there’s a fresh start.

We are not here to judge, but to encourage one another.

In advertising they say repetition is the key. ‘Repetition is used in advertising as a way to keep a brand or product in the forefront of consumer’s minds’, according to (smallbusiness.chron.com).

Hence my continued focus on what matters. Right.

I promise

There was a time in my life when I fell very ill. I was in and out of hospital but my faith kept me going. I prayed to God to heal me. My family needed me.

I put my hand up most of the promises I made to God, most of them I’m still trying to keep even now.

I am sure God  knows us too well that once we’ve got what we want, when a problem or challenge has been removed those promises are quickly forgotten.

There is no harm in trying and having such a resolution.

If there is anything I miss right now, is freedom of movement.

When the corona virus is over I promise

  • not to take life for granted
  • to enjoy my freedoms without moaning
  • to help others
  • be nice
  • be kind
  • take time to listen to others
  • stop bad habits
  • give
  • friendliness
  • protect the environment
  • be faithful
  • stop selfishness
  • stop greediness

That’s a start.

You can make your own list may be your priorities are different from mine.

The corona virus epidemic has affected us all.

It has shown and reminded us that our perfect lives can just change just like that.

Its reminded us that life is precious, life is just but a fleeting moment.

We are all here for a reason, to live life, do good and live side by side with nature and our environment.

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