Thank you girlfriends for imparting wisdom

Thank you girlfriends for imparting wisdom

Thank you girlfriends for continuing to stand up for yourselves around the world. We’re following your challenges and exploits. Lets face it we may share the same values and sentiments but we live different lives depending on where one is geographically. Nevertheless, we continue to learn from each other. Hearing and learning about girlfriends elsewhere keeps our dreams alive. Thank you for all the girl clubs, at local, national and world stage. When we stand together we achieve a lot.

My girlfriends are the ones who didn’t turn their back on me. Friends who visit me when I’m in prison. Friends who won’t stop returning my calls. In happier and sad times they’re there. When I’m loaded or broke they’re are there. Girlfriends, you’ve demanded greatness in me and in each one of us.

Defining myself

It’s a big cake enough to go round. If you have a head for business go for it. You taught me that I need to be clear about what I’m all about. My goals and outcomes. There’s a lot of stuff out there and its easy to jump onto any band wagon. There are opportunities out there for everyone if we stick to our convictions. Speak for you and make it stick. In defining myself I feel empowered. Confident. Looking forward to a positive outcome. It’s better to try than doing nothing at all , right? Hanging around with like minded people helps. My girlfriends are the kind who tell me there’s gonna be a way. Somehow, something will give.

We all have a past, who doesn’t? Thank you girlfriends for your advise, that my past should not be holding me back. It’s so easy to judge, quick to judge without giving someone any credit. If you haven’t walked in that person’s shoes, who are you to judge. Nobody should decide what you want. Tell your own story the way you like it.


  • Thank you for reminding me that true love is from God not men
  • Thank you for helping me to change my thinking.
  • Teaching me that I’m instrumental to what is happening in my life.
  • Thank you girlfriends for showing and directing me to my sense of purpose.
  • For encouraging me to love my body the way it is.
  • Together we learnt that sharing makes us all happy..
  • Thank you girlfriends for pointing out that I’m smart, therefore to follow my dreams.
  • That it’s not just about working hard bur smarter.

Although too many birthdays were missed because of life, you understood. Instead of rubbing in my mistakes, you’ve stood by me. We swap family photos, news and so on. Although it doesn’t compare to seeing you in person you’re never too far away. Lifting my spirits when I’m down..

Standing up for my/ yourself

Life does bring up scary and lonely moments.

To go forward or make progress stand. Keep on standing on what you want, what you believe in. To achieve a positive outcome,:

  • Be assertive.
  • Remain firm on your convictions.. Take up constructive criticism, making changes where necessary and stand.
  • Clarity most important.
  • Don’t be used.
  • Don’t be bullied.
  • Don’t let them walk all over you.
  • They may not always ask what you want.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Be in control

Tell my/your own story

Girlfriends, you’ve helped me to tell my own story. Not to be afraid. Yes I’ll be challenged and have been challenged , that’s life. Successful people were never understood when they started. Its okay to be different. You can make your own money through hard work.


Thank you girlfriends for depositing something good in me, likewise, I’m passing this goodness to others. Girlfriends, thank you for continuing to pray for me and not being weary.

Girlfriends thank you for the encouragement. We all need someone to tell us we gonna make it. You helped me find my own feet and told me that I was gonna transform and touch lives.

Real friends are reassuring. I learnt that setbacks pop up but that its not me against the world. I had to find my place and space.

Thank you girlfriends for your honesty, you tell me the truth and don’t butter things up. You don’t just tell me what I want to hear but you’re able to point out stuff when I’m heading towards self destruction.

Thank you girlfriends for being frank.

Lies are more hurtful than truth

Because we care, we’re encouraging other wannabes to achieve their dreams. That anything is possible.

When the tough gets going, lets all remember that nothing that matters is easy.

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