No need to do stuff because everybody else is doing it

Our article this week continues from the previous one encouraging us to do good because it is the right thing to do.

We have choices

I believe we all have choices. The playing field may not be level but we all have choices of choosing between right and wrong. Doing what is right is achievable. If we become aware about our actions, words and how they impact on others we may condition ourselves to be more sensitive.

In my previous articles, I have written and encouraged mindfulness: about the power of words, especially negative demeaning words whether written down or spoken and how they can destroy lives. I have challenged readers to be reflective, for instance how you would feel if you were described in negative terms: useless, failure, fat, ugly, dim and so on.

Words can build or destroy. When we are putting stuff out there, let us remember that we dont have to follow what everyone else is doing because it is trending but let us be accountable for our choices and know that whatever we put out on line or media may result in serious consequences.

When one breaks the law we know that there are consequences, prison, a fine or punishment of some sort. It is good practice to question what we say, write, do and what purpose it serves. Some of us posts bad stuff about others on line because we are looking for that fifteen minutes of fame.


We build character by identifying our wrongs and weaknesses and changing. We all set out for the day with good intentions but may end up losing our temper or something else happening in the day to get us in a foul mood. The fact that we have a conscience and set out to do good means that there is still hope for us all. When there is no conscience, or remorse, it is often difficult to see one’s weaknesses and change.

What is filling your heart? Is it good or bad stuff?

  • is it jealous or hatred?
  • envy
  • bitterness
  • anger

How we think about things its what becomes our reality, (Meyer, 2020).

It all start inside, deal with theses issues first. If they are toxic question yourself and seek change. Let us build positivity, constructive criticism and encourage the kind of society we would want for us and our families.

Good behaviour normally starts at home. A good home setting, happy environment and comfortable safe place that’s what most of us aspire for. At home we get love, empathy, kindness and joy. Although we may face challenging times, stress and discourse, we are able to face challenges together as a family because that is what we have nurtured. Therefore it is easier to impart what we have and practice than what seems foreign to us.

‘An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, yet in some cases it does. It may not be the case to start off with but along the way we change. Remember the biblical story about the prodigal son, or maybe it may be a prodigal daughter? There’s a lot of crime in the world, knife crime in the UK, gun crime in the US, substance abuse and so on. The affected parents/ guardians I am convinced they brought up their kids to be responsible adults. It is not everyone that falls into crime who comes from a broken or challenging background.

Our lives are influenced by our families but also by the kind of people/friends we hang around with. We are influenced by the kind of magazines, tabloid papers and online reports we read. We look on line, at social media for help may be advice for new moms, marriage, mental health and so on. We may have the basis of good or bad from our guardians but there are other things that may change our character. (1 Corinthians 15:33); bad company corrupt good morals). Choose your friends wisely. Stay away from slippery people and slippery things. Lets get help from relevant authorities and good sources.

Being different is good. We dont have to follow what everyone else is doing in order to fit in. Do what is right and do what is good. Your conscience will guide you so listen to your heart.

Free Speech

We don’t want a world where news and information can be suppressed. We have seen democracies that suppress free speech and it is not a good outcome. People are thrown into jails and fear for their lives as a result of exercising freedom of speech. We don’t want a world where news is suppressed. We need a balance.

We require nation states to come up with legislation that will act as a deterrent when it comes to social media.


Responsibility starts and ends with you. When communicating information its good to ask why, whom and who is going to benefit from the report. Nowadays is money and profits. Scandals and negative reports sale. But as a consumer question yourself why you have an appetite for bad reports and tabloids with a bias to certain groups in the community. As consumers we hold amazing power, we can boycott some of these damaging products.


In family settings when teens or children do something out of order, they may be grounded at home and not allowed to go out or hang around with friends, toddlers are made to sit on a naughty corner/ step.

Unfortunately there is nothing out there stopping trolls and bullies online or elsewhere for that matter.

People are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame online by posting bad things about others.

Continue doing your bit, be nice, show compassion, kindness and respect. It is all that matters.


1 Corinthians 15:33 ‘Bad company corrupts good character’.

Joyce Meyer, 2020.

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