Be thankful: live and enjoy life whatever your situation

The purpose of the article is to encourage us to enjoy life, to live for today instead of hoping for a joyous tomorrow or in the distant future. It is okay to have a plan about the future and what we hope to achieve in a certain time frame, but let us not miss out on what we have today. The time we have today we ought to appreciate it because once its gone its gone. Oftentimes we long for stuff we don’t have, and some of us truly believe that if only we get whatever we long for then our lives will be perfect.  Lets not misplace gratitude by missing out on the present here and now.

This is it, this is the life

We have all done it or doing it, living in the future. Sometimes the heart desires something to such an extent that one visualizes it, sees it, smells it and becomes a reality inside and out. Ambition, big dreams and faith are great. But obtaining fulfillment for current circumstances is a gift. Look around you, friends, family, colleagues, humble dwellings, food, shelter, good health, peace and so on. There is a lot of stuff to be thankful about and enjoy in our lives.

Lately I have began realising that as much as I want to buy a house, clear my debts, and so on, I must not neglect reflecting on my current issues and appreciating my life. I have my family and extended family, friends, neighbours, community, leaders and country.    I reflect on how my day has been, what my week has been and whatever the circumstances manage to smile about it.

Singles hoping to get married often think that once they are married their lives will be complete or perfect. Marriage is great I’m sure but let us not let the desire to be married take away our present joy. When starting a new year or season one may be wishing it were the year they signed on that dotted line.

Or maybe one is already in a steady relationship and wishing to get it up another notch.

Some of us want to start a family. Desire is good, but Remember this moment and present time is also the important part of your life,

Now not when you are married and have kids. Live now and enjoy every second, minute, hour and day. When the time comes and one gets married and start a family, that’s going to be great too.

When you get that business and when you have that big house and whatever it is you are aspiring for that is great too but stop wasting the present day and now.

Sleepless nights, stretching that budget, buying a new car are some examples, but If one is already working extra hours, doing whatever you are doing to make ends meet, please give yourself some credit. You are working towards that goal. Don’t beat yourself up.

People look towards to their retirement, relaxing, travelling or spending more time with the grand children. It is a very common perception or plan with some of those reaching retirement age that there will be ample time for joy and good times ahead. Without being an alarmist some are living the retirement dream and some of us have not been that fortunate: experiencing poor health in later life for example.

Yes its great to be married, have someone to talk to or boss around, do stuff with, start a family and so on. There is nothing wrong in desiring great things, to be rich and successful and never to think about money. But lets not waste our time wishing we were there and not living in the present. We cant freeze time or edit it then return to yesterday or two years before. When today, yesterday is gone it is gone and what remains are memories.

You suddenly wake up one day wondering where all the time has gone or what happened. I have a few mature friends who say to me that when they look back they think that they had their best life in their fifties or forties. They see it clearer now in their 70s but obviously cannot go back and do whatever it is they should have done back then.

Personal development planning

According to Wikipedia, personal development planning:

‘is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement.’

it is a great to plan for one’s future pension, a child’s university fund, a house and so on, but in doing that let us not neglect enjoying our lives in this moment we have.

Remember:  we will never know when things are going to be taken away from us. It may be physical things, mental emotions or people we love. We see wars around the world, displaced people and communities, repeated air strikes in some areas, the people experiencing these harsh conditions once upon a time lived a peaceful life. Children went to school and played safely in their neighbourhoods. Yes they long for such existence, for a return to peace. We may lack material possessions but if we are living in peaceful communities, enjoying good health I think that’s what life is all about.

Live it and enjoy it.

  • Do it now.
  • Use your best crystal glasses
  • make time now
  • make time for you
  • live your best life now.
  • if you can afford it take a break, a holiday perhaps

If you get successful in the future and manage to fulfill your wishes and life’s desires that’s great too. But enjoy the now and here and try to live a fulfilling life in the present.

For those of us living in the valley of life, with problems, facing challenges, homelessness and so on, that’s life. Stop making your bed in that valley but get up and try to turn those situations into something good.

You can be who you are today without forgetting who you were. Live your life now and be true to yourself, enjoy life and be happy.



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