Corona virus: Forcing us to put things into perspective

Thankfulness teaches us not to take things for granted. Thankfulness gives us a mindset to appreciate the simple things that we get in life.

Our article this week is focusing on corona virus pandemic and its impact on our lives, and stuff we have always taken for granted.

I want to start off by passing my condolences to grieving families who have lost loved ones to corona virus. People all over the world are getting infected, some are recovering but others have died. Please let us take what is happening around the world seriously and stay safe.

People are dying who could have lived otherwise. Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia, India let us put our differences aside and stand together to beat corona virus.

There is a big shaking going on in our lives. Our world as we know it is being shaken. A shaking that is not concerned about who you are in society, social ranking, class, colour, tribe, ethnicity, gender, nation, border, age groups. Corona virus is everywhere and shaking us all to the core.

Extra ordinary times

These are extra ordinary times. It is crucial to follow advice from our leaders, evidence from science and health experts who are advising us to stay at home and self isolate.

If there is lack of leadership where you are follow the advice from other countries and stay at home. We can only reduce infection by staying at home. Please take what is happening seriously and also use common sense.

Let us all adjust to the situation we find ourselves and it will get better.

Of course we have critical workers such as health staff: nurses, doctors, delivery drivers, supermarket workers and others trying to keep us moving, but the rest of us we don’t need to go out unnecessarily, let’s stay at home in order to reduce and minimize infection.

Look out for the vulnerable, those who need food and supplies but in a safe manner.

Missing the normal

I don’t know about you but I miss everyday life. The ability to get up and go out to school, shops, gym and getting on public transport. At the moment one needs to think first, ‘do I really have to go to the shops, do I really need this?’

My previous articles have attempted to outline how busy we are and often have failed to appreciate the important things in our lives: such as the weather, nature, social connections such as families and friends, work colleagues, community, classmates and everyday mundane things.

I dont know about you but corona virus is making us all miss the normal and what we have often taken for granted. Going out to the shops or the mall without a concern about surrounding or what bugs might be floating around.

I made a note about some of us who complain about everything, moaning about the weather, the way we look, too fat, lips too thin, not liking this and that and made comparisons with those who live in war torn communities like Syria. War and conflicts have brought misery with no safe places for children to play and attend school. Media images have shown shelling and bombs falling around communities in some parts of the world.

I have also noted those facing inequalities; social, economic and environmental inequalities. There are those facing food shortages and shelter.  sanitation, basic health care, communities facing droughts and flooding and so on.

Corona virus has kind of made everything equal in a way. It is affecting us the world over and making us miss the normal, the everyday stuff we took for granted.

Corona virus inequalities

Corona virus is affecting us all and is no respecter of persons, who we are or where we come from. The only difference are resources, how well resourced a country is and the leadership.

The poor are struggling. We can see how rich nations are struggling with corona virus. Stable economies such as China,  Italy, France and Spain with logistics have been overwhelmed. Some of the countries have good leadership, well equipped hospitals, clean flowing water, soap, moisturisers, sanitizers just to mention a few. We have seen images of children being shown proper hand washing techniques with endless running tap water.

Lets take a moment to reflect and think about those who struggle just to get water for daily tasks. Some communities walk distances to fetch water from the well or water points using wheel barrows and buckets.

  • Spare a thought for those who cannot access hand sanitisers and alcohol gel let alone clean water.
  • Spare a thought for those who cannot access tissue paper.
  • Ventilators
  • Oxygen
  • Comfortable reclining beds
  •  assistance from the government and so on

Appreciating what we have zoom in on what is most important

  • from being greedy panic buying individuals.
  • It will make us to reflect and think about others.
  • stopping hate
  • coming together and working together.
  • stopping selfishness

Good out of this

Knife crime: There has been no reports about knife crime in the UK since we started grappling with the corona virus. It’s either the reporters are occupied with reporting the unveiling big story of covid 19 and not paying attention to what else may be happening around us.

Environmental effects: According to, restriction to try and contain corona virus such as social distancing, closure of industries, airlines grinding to a halt has helped to reduced CO2 emissions.

We are getting cleaner air and clearer water.

Appreciation; Corona virus is making us appreciate the simple things, like family and communities and not taking things for granted.

Social venues are closed such as resturants, pubs and so on while and we are being encouraged to social distance.

Although there is panic buying, there are still others going around doing good; looking after the vulnerable and those needing help.

At times in life we need a shaking to appreciate what is most important in our lives. It is unfortunate that in the process our lives are impacted upon adversely in order to appreciate the good times, well being, environment, food security and what is normal and good.

Life has a way of making things right and showing us what really matters. It is humanity, kindness, love and doing good.

Lets pray together, this too will pass.

Stay safe.

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